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Open Office applications do not start: "The application cannot be started. The user interface language cannot be determined."

Dirki - October 6, 2009 - 1:18pm
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When I try to open an Open Office application, this error message occurs and the application doesn't open:

The application cannot be started.
The user interface language cannot be determined.

What could I do?

Nice greetings, Dirk

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Open Office Sucks

It is just a drag. Cmon, it's like expecting a portable version of MS Office to run well from a flash drive. Give me a break!

It is time for portable versions of good alternative replacements, like Abiword (which we already have, of course). What other office type software is portable?

I deleted OOP from my stick. It wouldn't uninstall, so... bye-bye.



What is the default system

What is the default system language of the computer you are running it on? If its nothing special try simply redownloading openoffice portable and doing a fresh install (Delete current install folder).

Good luck Smiling Advocate

should be responding to the

should be responding to the langauge broadcast by the menu.

Try it in english or something similar (like german).

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Someone else complained of this recently and it was because they extracted it using Universal Extractor (which breaks it) instead of using the Installer.

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