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"Installer integrity check failed"

Dreamstalker - November 14, 2009 - 8:58pm
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I've already installed the platform and most of the apps I want without incident; the OpenOffice installer won't even launch and errors out with "The installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download or damaged media". I have also attempted to install a previous version (hoping to update once installed), but that gives me the same message.

The operating system on my laptop is Vista Home Premium w/SP2; I'm trying to install onto a Patriot 8GB flash drive (this app is the only one out of about 5 that gives me the error message).

Any ideas?

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Incomplete or Corrupted

It's a built-in self-check to all apps in Format. What that means is that either:

  • the installer did not complete downloading
  • the installer is corrupt due to physical or logical errors on the drive you saved it to
  • the installer was infected with a virus after you downloaded it from us

Usually, it's an incomplete download. Be sure you're not using a download manager and try again to be sure.

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I figured it out. For some reason, any program files (not just OO) that I try to download on the wireless network I'm currently using will fail on install. I also have access to a wired network, and that works fine. So I've fixed it now (although I'd kinda like to know why it doesn't work using wi-fi, as the download itself seems to go fine).