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Help Wanted: CMS

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digitxp (Homepage) - December 23, 2009 - 5:00pm
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For some reason, I once again need a good CMS and webhost.
I need something:

  • Fast
  • Easily themed
  • That has really good import/export features
  • Good addons
  • Simple

For the webhost, just free and ad-free (and fast).
I'd post it Server Fault, but I feel I'd get a better answer here Smiling.

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CMS: Wordpress

"Why?" You ask. Because, although I always have used Drupal and still use it, I absolutely HATE IT when it comes to updating. And making themes for Wordpress is so much easier.

For a host I am currently using 000webhost (with 3 zeros), but avoid their affiliate program, it is a scam according to everybody who used it. I must warn you their databases go down much often (or at least they used to, I don't remember them going down a lot recently).

I've also have the following host in my bookmarks for some reason I don't remember, so I'll drop it here. I don't give any guarantees about it.

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Forgot to mention I want some kind of forum too, someday, and I'd hate to make another install (too many logins). WP seems good for blogs, sometimes simple pages, but not much else.
Alpha1Beta said that 000webhost wasn't good for him.
On opensourceCMS, it seems like CMSMS and Joomla! have pretty high scores...

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Forgot to tell you...

About wordpress, there is an addition software called bbpress that integrates with wordpress as to provide forums for it. I thought you'd like to know.

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How about Google Sites?

How about Google Sites?

For the forum, you could use the following:

Embed the forums into your website with an IFRAME so it's looks like all one website.

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I'm already using Google Sites (my homepage). I want to switch out of it because it lacks in usability points (i.e. you can't change the default font size).

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The servers are up for most of the time and have fairly decent speed and is ad free. Their free service is what I am using right now.

S.O.G. It's the best Laughing out loud

It's the best webhost you could ever find. It uses the CPanel surprisingly, it's rarely down, supports and tk domain parking (yes .tk now supports DNS Management!!! Check my Homepage for proof Laughing out loud), 3 SQL, around 50 Gigs of BW, More storage than you really need, etc.

The only catch is that you have to log into their forums 2 weeks to keep your account active.

What's wrong with drupal for a CMS? I find building your own more fun though Laughing out loud

Siggys waste bandwidth... that's why I have one.


To tell you the truth, your homepage is just as good as alpha1beta's Eye-wink.
So now I have x10 and bytehost. I will compare them... Evil
[Edit] X10 is out. They force you to put ads on your page.

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Woah... what? x10 doesn't put

Woah... what?

x10 doesn't put ads on your page!!! They give you the option to, if you use some special premium which is unneeded.

Let me help you set up Laughing out loud
What's your email?

Siggys waste bandwidth... that's why I have one.


Nice try.
I'm in a different spot, so I may have better luck with this connction.

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What do you mean, Nice Try?

What do you mean, Nice Try? Sticking out tongue

Sorry to use my site again as an example, but do you see any ads on it? Laughing out loud

Siggys waste bandwidth... that's why I have one.

Ads are irrelevant

Ads are irrelevant anyway. Unless they're putting embarrassing ads on your page, I wouldn't worry about it. At this stage in the age of the Internet, if you don't like ads, you get Firefox and Adblock Plus and you turn them off. No self-respecting geek (or even dork) should see ads he doesn't want to. I do whitelist sites I want to support, but that's my choice.

I suppose the free hosts would not be too amused if you post a link to Firefox and a link to Adblock Plus right by their ads (e.g. "Don't like ads? Get _Firefox_ and enhance it with _Adblock Plus_!"). But then again you get what you pay for. A free hosting service has to get its money somehow.


I myself am perfectly happy with seeing ads while I administer the site, but if it's on the actual site, I get really annoyed.

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Flatfile or Database?

I absolutely love TikiWiki but it is not simple at all, and it requires MySQL. Using flatfiles may open up your choices of free hosts a bit.

I really like which is based on CGI/Perl, and it has all the features you'd expect from a community site, such as forums, articles, private messaging, image galleries. It's fully themeable, my site is running it. On the criticism side, it can be a little amatuerish at times and development is active but slow, but the community is friendly.

As an aside, avoid at all costs. Some of the developers there are arrogant, unfriendly ego maniacs who broke from the original web-app project due differences of opinion in which direction the project should take. You can see my website for more details on why I think they're a bunch of @$$-hats.

Pluck is pretty good, it certainly has a modern feel to it. It's still a bit of a work in progress though, and I criticize the fact that data is stored in numbered PHP files, rather than in separate text files that are rendered by PHP functions. This however, is due to change in upcoming versions.

Pixie looks really slick but I haven't really used it.

There are some others I haven't used such as SimpleCMS and RazorCMS but that frequently crop up as being popular flat-file based choices. You could try the CMSMatrix for a comparison of some CMS's.


I really like Pixie so far. Don't know why...
Pluck doesn't seem to have subpages...
I don't really like RazorCMS.
I think as soon as I find a decent web host I'll try Joomla!

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Pixie; not flatfile

Just realized that Pixie uses MySQL, so it's not a flatfile CMS as I first thought. Still very slick though. Now if only I had a use for it (I can't keep up with the sites I maintain now. *sigh*) Smiling

I know I'm a bit late to the

I know I'm a bit late to the discussion, but I just ran across this - a list of the best free CMS packages.

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That was kinda disappointing, they pretty much just named the big 3:

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

Any monkey can do that. On the up side the article did give some insights as to why you might want to use one over the other, depending on what your goals are. So it gets a thumbs up from that perspective.


I got bored so I played around with my subdomains.
I also realized that the main cause of slowness is a really slow SQL server.
Having said that, what's a good wiki? I have it down to Dokuwiki, MoniWiki, Mediawiki, PmWiki, and Bitweaver (I was prematurely wowed by TikiWiki's really tight integration).
I want to set up a public wiki and a private wiki (which I plan to use TikiWiki for).

Still no half-decent web host Sticking out tongue

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Anything but MediaWiki

I can't really answer your question except to say that MediaWiki sucks. It is the most poorly implemented Wiki I've ever come across. It's so un-user-friendly it's not even funny. Considering it's probably one of the most popular Wiki's in the entire world, it really is a piece of junk. (I have to use it at work, so I'm reasonably familiar with it)

I love TikiWiki, but sometimes it's a little more than you need. I've heard good things about DokuWiki if you just need a plain old Wiki. Is PmWiki still developed?

The WikiMatrix would probably be a good place to start to compare them all. You can also try a lot of demo's of them as well, which is nice.

Oh, as for hosts, I use AFMU. They have a free hosting package, which is adequate for my purposes. It makes the domain reregistration more expensive but it still works out cheaper in the long run.

I came across a while back which are a free, free host, but I've not used them. I believe you get MySQL even with the free free accounts. (by free, free I mean you get one of their domains, rather than you're own).


WikiMatrix is where I came up with the finalists Sticking out tongue.

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Well slap me with a wet wiki and call me Trout.

Did you try the demos? Sticking out tongue



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Looking at all the suggestions (and a couple of Google searches) the majority of the stuff are scams Sad.
If I'm lucky, my friend will get an Adsense account and we can go with some reliable place.

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