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Combat Arms Portable

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kcmartz (Homepage) - January 5, 2010 - 5:31pm
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I love this game found at, which is a free online First Person Shooter, as far as I know, it is about 1GB in size with the normal game.

It is one of those games that require a patch check and it has a "Hackshield", but the three main computers i will play it on, I know the admin password. My computer, my family's computer and Grandpa's Computer.

Please, I think that anyone who likes either Combat Arms OR online FPS's would LOVE this portable app! Thanks in advance!!

It _IS_ Free, but I don't think it is Open Source, after all, it is a free online FPS!

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1GB!!! Thats Huge! also is

1GB!!! Thats Huge!

also is it freeware, FOSS or Closed Source?

Free game...

...released by nexon!



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What does...

...anyone think about this awesome free online FPS?

my name ingame is the same as here...


i've never heard of it and

i've never heard of it and this computer doesn't do so hot. Also, the one gb download is something I wouldn't schedule for download until about 23:30 tonight.

Have you tried nexiuz?

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Looks good

I think it looks good but it's size is fairly prohibitive for an online installer. Being closed source it would require an online installer without permission from the software developers to include the game with the launcher.

I would recommend contacting the game developers to see if they would either (a) developer a PAF version or (b) give permission for the game to be included with the launcher developed here.

I also want to repeat OliverK's suggestion to check out Nexuiz. It's open source, natively portable and there is a launcher here in the forums. Advocate

This game is very good but...

but i dont think it can be portable...

another problem is: i cant anymore play it hehehe

i'm brazilian and Nexon blocked the game to south america "because of the lag" or something like... i didnt understand much the reason...

for a game like that, only people with powerfull computer and good connection can play... its impossible to play without good computer/internet...

i never see lag in the time i played... the only problem was the hackers flying and head cutting with invisible knifes... but all americans... never see brazilian hack...

so... if there is no lag and no hack, why block us?

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how is it 1GB i have a 4GB

how is it 1GB i have a 4GB flash drive (i used mojopac freedom to install it) and most of my memory is gone


i can do this, but i request a pament.....

jk, i can do this for you, but it might take a long time for me....
< theres more of a chance i cant, cause im only 11, but if my parents find out that i was this much of a technogeek, theyd take the computer away. >

i know right??