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DVD fab

ryan2009george (Homepage) - January 20, 2010 - 3:37pm
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Would it be possible to make DVD fab portable.or at least a launcher for it.DVD fab is great and would be even better if u made it portable

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Sorry, no.

No it wouldn't. Mainly because DVDFab is commercial software and it would be completely illegal, but other than that anything is possible. Smiling

DVDFab is a great software

DVDFab is a great software but as Darkbee pointed out, it being commercial software it can't be ported.

However they do offer DVDFab HD Decryptor as freeware. Therefore with their permission a portable version could be developed or alternatively an online installer.

With DVDFab HD Decryptor it removes the encryption and copies the stripped DVD contents to your computer. Then you could use DVDShrink to burn and shrink the film to a regular single layered disc.

Hope that helps Smiling Advocate


All I'm asking for s a launcher.I see loads of launchers for commercial apps so why can't i have this 1 portable,and I wanted somthing like handbrake.just more advanced and DVD fab doesn't crash like handbrake

XMedia Recode Portable?

Try XMedia Recode Portable. I've been using it for a while though haven't tried transcoding direct from DVD. Still it is supposed to be a feature of the application.

With regards to launchers for commercial applications I think there may be a couple on here but none that are actively developed and endorsed that I am aware of.

Good luck Smiling Advocate

PA.c has permission

The commercial applications listed under the applications section of this site are allowed because the developers of those applications have granted special permission to redistribute them in the portableapp format.

Furthermore, I believe they are free versions of commercial apps. DVDFab is not free to the best of my knowledge, nor have the granted PA.c any such special permission.

Sorry if I'm coming off as blunt, but the facts are the facts. Any attempt at portabilizing DVDFab as it stands would be illegal. Even a launcher AFAIK because you don't have rights to distribute DVDFab or modify the way it is distributed in ANY form.

What you said is all true,

What you said is all true, but someone could write a launcher and distribute just the launcher with instructions on where to place the required files. This has been done for a couple launchers found in the beta forums.