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KeePass 2 portable (only on PC)

Submitted by shimi810 on January 21, 2010 - 9:50pm


Why No Portable software to KeePass 2?

I'm not talking about a version for mobile phones, I've seen this topic (link)
I'm just talking about a version for computers.

Also, the regular Zip file, can serve me portable version?
Maybe With NSIS Portable software to install on Platform?

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KeePass 2.0 (aka KeePass Pro) is based on .NET and will not work on a PC that doesn't have .NET installed locally. That means it's basically Vista and Windows 7 only out of the box as XP needs to have it installed. Most XP boxes you encounter in the wild (net cafe, hotel business center, library, school) will not have .NET installed as most standard software doesn't require it. Thus, it can't be considered portable. Full details on that are here:

We will be adding .NET apps in the future, but they will not be listed by default. Users who are aware of the limitations will be able to view and download them and a later version of the platform will automatically check to ensure .NET is available or let the user know why their apps can't run.

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