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.FLV Converter Portable

jbeasley53 - January 28, 2010 - 11:13am
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Using Firefox with the add-on Download helper you can download web videos to .flv format. Is there out there or in development a portable application to convert the .flv to .MPG, .MP4, .AVI? I use a free converter but it is not a portable app itself. Thanks!

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there is one that works relitivly portable.

i just forgot the name off the top of my heqad and will post it when i remember Smiling


MediaCoder might be able to do that. I've used it to convert a lot of other formats but never .flv. It might be worth looking at though. You can find it in the forums here. It's an outdated version, but in the topic it says it can be upgraded to the latest version.


Try ffmpeg. It's a command-line application which is basically able to convert from almost any video format including flash video.

Precompiled Windows binaries - if you're unfamiliar with the build process - can be found here.

However, online converters, like vixy also available.

the program i use either

the program i use either downloads the FLV or converts it using fffmpeg.

I prefer use Flash to Video

I prefer use Flash to Video Encoder PRO.It’s prog for convert flv to many different formats.Try

i now use somethign different

i use a downloader to download the flv and then i use VLC portable to convert it to something else.

XMedia Recode

XMedia Recode Portable is a great all in one multimedia converter.

The base app is freeware and prapper keeps the portable version pretty up to date (as always, thanks Prap;)) Advocate

+1. I use this and its

+1. I use this and its pretty dang good!

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