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- February 3, 2010 - 5:07am
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it not open source
but it free
and surly portable.
there some other project but i didn't try them
look that is very interesting

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If you're waiting (desperately) for a way to convert a jpg to a pdf without installing something, this may be worth a look (quick Google search).
As for the one you posted, I'm pretty sure somebody will say something about .NET Sad. As of now, nobody is doing .NET stuff because .NET cannot be found on the majority of XP installs (which are about...85%ish of the entire world). Good luck!
On a side note, you might want to move this over to the request apps forum.

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not good enough

hello there
as you i look for many and more many site to convert jpg2pdf.
but non of them include what you find (with quickly Google search)
multiple image to pdf. that i need it most.
thx to that program i can do it easly and not wait to the website
that do the job for me.

for the .Net,
i in my computer (which it belong to the 25% of the entire world)
the program is working.
if it can, you can ask the source from the publisher
and write in a language that can work in 100% i all computer.

thx tal.

Request App or Beta testing?

Why have you posted this in the beta testing forum?

It sure looks like you are requesting an application to be made portable, and last I checked, it would belong in the Request Apps forum.

neutron1132 (at) usa (dot) com

it a beta testing

the program is already portable
if you like you can convert it with portablesuite

i publish it here that some ppl that take it for try
and if it good to publish here in the main page.

thx tal.