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iTunes Portable

Pingu 1022 - February 5, 2010 - 3:44pm
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Hi guys, I just thought what you would think of a portable version of Apple's iTunes.

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Not happening

It's been discussed countless times, and the answer's always been the same: not going to happen.
Apple's license terms are too prohibitive for any legal portable iTunes, and any portable iTunes you might find elsewhere is strictly illegal. Please don't post any links to any portable iTunes builds; such links will be swiftly removed by a mod, since we don't tolerate illegal software or links to it. (I doubt you'd post any links to illegal software, but it's been done before, especially with iTunes; better to be safe than be sorry later on)
btw, Safari has the same problem: its license terms are also too prohibitive.

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please earch before posting

then you would know why this will never happen.

Try . . .


Best alternative is Songbird,

Best alternative is Songbird, it can do everything iTunes can, except for Genius.

Siggys waste bandwidth... that's why I have one.

Close but no cigar

Except SongBird is virtually useless with any media player made by Apple, otherwise it's a great piece of software.

Then try . . .


Not Bad...

Remind me, what are the differences between the paid and non-paid versions of MediaMonkey? I assume that there are still two versions, that's how it was last time I looked at MM.

MM differences

Here's a link that lists the differences between MM free & paid:



Thanks for being an enabler of my laziness. Eye-wink

Might have to revisit this then! I was reasonably impressed last time I checked it out. I think the only reason I abandoned it was because a)I didn't see the value of media managing software at the time. and b)It wasn't portable.

I still like XMplay, for playing a few specific MP3s but I do see a greater value in Media managers now particularly when you have gigs of music.

Why do people want iTunes?

I was under the impression that it was just Apple's sales portal. Does it do something other than manage commercial media?

Ignorance is bliss

Because they don't know any better.


Let's say iTunes in many things sucks. But it's still the most-featured tool to manage your iPod or iPhone.

And another reason it never will get portable is its need for an installed quicktime version and the relatively deep system integration, beside the fact it would be illegal.

And you can import any media in a format iTunes supports.

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last time i checked iTunes

last time i checked iTunes doesnt support APE Flac MKV or WMV.

This is why I wrote "all

This is why I wrote "all formats it supports". I wanted to say that you can also manage your own media and not only commercial media downloaded via the iTunes store.

Actually these are the same formats Quicktime supports.
WMV is a Microsoft format, so I think Apple will never support that.

But you can use commom formats like all these MPEG4 file types, or mp3. Some are also automativally converted by iTunes (though this conversion often doesn't work and has a bad quality).

For my needs I use MediaCoder to convert the media files before.

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itunes is just another slow and useless app

because of the integration itunes-iphone-bonjour-etc (and the reasons below) i will never ever buy any apple devices. I hate the way apple understands free-will and the way they force you to make things "their way".

Do you know that you DON'T actually own your iphone ? Along with every information you have on it. Also, the carrier can enter and modify or copy the data on your iphone without your consent. And there's more.. apple just patented fingerprint recognition on iphone and soon you will have to be recognized as "owner" to use it.

Maybe you will say that this is conspiracy theory.. but unfortunately is true.

So, my advice for you is to forget itunes and use some open source software.

ps: for listening music i use AIMP - have better sound quality than any other windows app, very cool look, low memory usage and plenty of features - see

Everything Should Be Portable

How do you measure sound quality?

People often say that their favorite player sounds the best. Do you have proof?

Suggest me a alternative...

I understand that licence does not let developers to make a portable version of iTunes. But I need it as portable.

Can someone suggest me a portable program (that can be Winamp, because it is on development progress at the moment) which can manage iPOD?

(If Winamp can, the latest version of Winamp needs a extra plug-in)

Thank you!

Copytrans Manager

Copytrans Manager Free version is a very good iPod manager and is natively portable. I have it on my PA drive and it works very well.

Just Google for it then download the zip version. Unzip it to a folder and run it from there.


Floola I like, I also found iDump, But I use Floola.

They are depended on iTunes.

They are depended on iTunes. If iTunes is not installed on the system which you run the apps which you suggest, the apps does not work. They need iTunes installed on the system and than you can run the alternative applications.

Feedback to Apple

Just found this thread.

I think it is work requesting a portable version at - I have just done so

Run Once

It only needs to be run one time after that it's all Floola.
But I guess it also depends on what someone wants, does it have to be on an Ipod ? do you just want a music manager ? There are some Great managers/Organizers some of which are Portable that do NOT need itunes.