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Amazon Kindle Application

Sin Mafia - February 17, 2010 - 7:47pm
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The Kindle application is now available for the iPod, iPhone, PC and MAC. It would be fantastic to have it as a portable application so that one does not have to install it on all of their computers, laptops, etc.

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Boo! We don't want DRM'd apps

Boo! We don't want DRM'd apps here

Kindle App is good

A good app is a good app. By saying you don't want DRM'd apps you are imposing your own form of management...ironic...


Either way it's not open source and somehow I doubt Amazon will give us permission to make it. Also can't you read the ebooks in your browser? If not that's a pretty retarded system :/

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They don't have to

Amazon doesn't need to give permission if the portable version is just the launcher that downloads the app. Seems like it shouldn't be hard to be made portable, all it probably does is register itself as the default handler for the file type. It wouldn't be something open like text or even PDF, it'll be their own thing you won't be able to read with anything else. Also, it'll need to phone home, so proxy settings might be an issue (but don't seem to be with any other net-connected app here).

DRM doesn't have to be a bad thing. I like the DRM on the Xbox 360 because it's transparent. I know it's there and it stops me from doing a couple things it shouldn't, but for the most part it doesn't get in the way of the 360 being a great platform (if a little heavy on the ads). And that's how it should be, but to do that the 360 has to disallow third-party code of any kind. All code is signed by Microsoft. They'd never get away with doing that to Windows, e.g. a future version. Antitrust regulations would tear it apart. Maybe if it were voluntary, get a version of Windows that is 100% virus proof but you can only run Microsoft software. Google is working on stuff to this effect with Chrome OS and it will be legal. And Microsoft could sign third-party programs, like Winamp or the Platform, but it would be costly and time consuming. Well, we don't want it on the computer, but we're happy for the protection exactly such a scheme offers our gaming consoles, phones, and portable media players.

It is already available for the PC

I don't see why they would not give PortableApps permission to make the Kindle Application portable. Their business strategy has evolved beyond the Kindle. They have made a version for the iPhone, iPod Touch and for both the PC and the Mac, they are clearly trying to increase market penetration through the Kindle application itself.

If they have released versions for the PC then their revenue stream is from selling the books as much as the Kindle device and they are looking to make the application ubiquitous, the standard for reading books.

I don't see the strategic difference between a PC version and a portable version, in other words since they have created a PC version surely they might be interested in a portable version to further increase market penetration.

Check out the link for the PC version,


Install the Kindle for PC app on a PC.

Copy the entire file (inside the "Amazon" file in "My Programs") onto the desktop (right-click, drag, "Copy here").

Open the "Explore" link in your Portable Apps menu.
Drag the file into the window.

Open the file, right click on the Kindle for PC application, and create a shortcut.

Drag it onto the desktop.

Go up a level, and copy the shortcut into the "Explore" file.

You can now open the app from either the desktop shortcut or by opening "Explore" and clicking on that shortcut. This isn't elegant, but it works.

A Plus

It already has your "stuff" in it.

Does this definitely not

Does this definitely not touch the registry? If it's already portabilised then surely we can just chuck a launcher with it in a PAF file structure?

How I added Kindle to my Portableapps drive.

While at work I did the following;

Installed Kindle for PC app on my computer. Admin Permission not needed.

I then went to C:\Program Files\Amazon\ and copied the kindle folder over to my E:\PortableApps\ folder.

Next I clicked the Apps icon on the PortableApps menu and clicked Refresh App icons.

Kindle for PC is installed (not my choice) under the "Other" Menu folder.

Kindle has it's own icon but without PortableApps splash screen.

registry folders HKLU\Software\Amazon\Kindle

I would like to point out that the Kindle app creates a registry key on launch, this key contains such things as kindle content, which it automatically points to your documents folder. The key is located at HKLU\Software\Amazon\Kindle I suppose you could manually change the key to your portable apps folder location, but it seems as though there would be a better way to do it


Follow-up on registry keys

I was thinking that a person could script these registry changes into a portable install, just an idea.