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EASEUS Partition Master

aloaloa - March 5, 2010 - 8:06am
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I'm looking for EASEUS Partition Master Portable, but It seems to be very hard to portabilize. I tryed out with more other packaging software, but I'm unable to do it.

Someone can create this portable application?
The Home release is completely Free.
The direct link to download it is:


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difficult and not very useful

since all partitioning software can do work on partitions only if they are not in use, that means it can be possible to run such software and while under admin account make some changes to some data partition not in use just now, but it can not make proper changes to any partition where system parts are running from.

Therefore you will find, that any partitioning software will need either to have own operating system and be booted from external media like CD or bootable stick, or it will produce kind of batch and will tell you to reboot the system completely and the changes are then done before the system starts up completely by using some small image of a floppy or similar.

Therefore portable versions of any partitioning software are of very little practical use. I mean to have portable partitioning software, which can be started but can not do partitioning in fact... well is it what one will be looking for?

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

use gparted. you are likely

use gparted. you are likely to have drivers and other fun things to deal with easeus. You need to be careful with gparted, but it will work Smiling

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Parted Magic!

Try Parted Magic. It's free and open source Smiling Advocate

Toss another into the pot

Ranish Partition Manager

Good luck destroying your machine! Eye-wink

Easeus, yes please !!

I´m using Easeus Partition Master 7.01.
Should be very nice to have a portable one.
Sorry I dont have the skill to make it !!
But somebody could, I hope.

Windows 7 Ultimate & Windows XP SP3

as stated

portable such system tool makes not much sense.
Work on system partitions can be done anyway only when partition not in use, that means system has to reboot anyway and the changes will be done before the system start. Therefore you are much better off with something like parted magic which you can boot from CD or USB stick and do all work and changes stright away.

With eseus, you can make some changes to some data partitions, provided you have all admin rights to do so, but the rest has to be done when windows is not running. For that installed eseus uses small OS which it is booting to, making changes and then leaving this system and rebooting windows.

So I can not see any practical use for such app to be portable.

Well if you have all admin rights, then you could certainly format usb sticks with it, but for that single use there are many other smaller and faster apps around.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

A matter of point-of-view

It's been a long time since this question has been posted but I'm still wondering the same question one year later.

"So I can not see any practical use for such app to be portable."
It's not because you can't see that it doesn't exist. I've got 4 internal HDD on my PC and several external ones too. Of course, as said here, using bootable tools is the only right way to adjust system disk partitions. But what if I want to create a 2nd partition on my bootable flash drive, if I want to adjust the partitions on my data drives, or if I just want to get the freedom of using EASEUS from my USB key on others PC? (above all if I've paid one of their commercial versions)

I've bought VMware ThinApp to make this kind of app easily portable, or I build portable apps myself through compiled command-line or AutoIt scripts. But the EASEUS drivers don't allow us to do so while it's so easy with concurrent softwares such as the great Paragon apps.

So please don't just consider YOUR point-of-view and experience. If you're own computing experience is limited, please think wider about the possible peoples use (not only yours).

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Admin rights

those are not portable and also make the use of a portable partition manager relitivly pointless. also ThinApp is a very expensive program from what i gather and i have read where it doesnt make a CLEAN portable program at times. There is no practical use for a partition manager to be portable perticularly if you are going to use it on a system that is currently running on the drive you wish to partiton OR/AND you need administrative rights.

Also Partitioning a flash drive for something other than a FLASH OS INSTALL is pointless and from the articles i have read will reduce the lifespan of the flash drive.

you have to see it globaly


there might be always some very special case for this and that software being portable, e.g. some people ask for having portable mail server or similar things.

All utilities operating at level bellow operating system, will need access to such level and so can not be made portable. As you stated: drivers...
You can not install drivers just like that, you need admin access. So how to use it portable? In portable use you will seldom find a computer with admin rights open and if you find it, you better do not put your stick into it.

Then the use of partitioning will require sooner or later a reboot anyway, no way around that.
Partitioning flash drives is also kind of problematic, since current operating system are not used to deal with partitioned flash drives.

As many such products want suggest you all partitioning can be done from windows, it is just advertising, it simply can not be done.
So the actual use for such software being portable will be very limited to some very seldom operations, installing drivers first, then run the program, then uninstall all drivers again. Can be done, but remember: you install drivers, then you will be asked to reboot (touching some system partition for example) and then all the drivers will remain installed. Or do you have any idea how such system should find later all parts of the software o be removed when it is actually not running?
Not very realistic all that.
If you can not do it by the use of thinapping it, then you see where the problems are.

So if you want partition this and that, use reliable software on a bootable media, then all partitions are not in operation and all can be done easy.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

Great program. Like to have paf.exe (7.1.1 Free)

I am using it for many years.

But portable partition manager is IMHO not good idea.

Rather you can install (and uninstall after that with Revo)

Other comments here also suggest other programs similar to EASEUS Partition Master.

Portable partition utility is

Portable partition utility is very handy indeed. Can be run from WinPE or just used for testing or deleting that pesty partition that windows disk manager just wont.

(I know that diskpart will, but I like the GUI)

If people don't think it is handy or safe, no one makes them use it.

Here's one that you can just copy the installed files and run...

(EASEUS Partition Manager Server 1.6.3 from 2008 was the same way, don't know why they changed it.)

still requires bootable media

and winPE is contriversial due to it using code from windows that was not Cleanroom Reverse Enginered.


I'm a bit late for the party, but am only now looking for a portable version of this software and stumbled across this thread. As it turns out, I have used the Easus Partition Master software before, primarily because it was the ONLY partitioner I found that would let me partition a live partition while the system was booted into Windows. I couldn't get GParted to do what I wanted, nor any other bootable windows partitioner. Here is a link that shows that EPM will resize a disk that is live.

What would be involved in making it portable? If it was just a zip file, I'd try the extraction route.


definitely, what ever they told you that it will modify windows partition while running is wrong, it will not, definitely.

It will make you feel as if it does something, but then it will ask you to reboot.
Before the windows will boot, the changes will be applied.
It only tells you, that now all was changed, while it was not. Next time oyu boot, the real changes apply. The work done while runnig is maily defrag etc.

What it can modify, is a data partition which is not a system partiton. This is nothing special, you can do it with the windows partitioning tool too.

Portble version is therefore of no special use, it needs admin rights and in needs reboot as it will not work while winodws is running anyway.

Therefore you can use any other partitioning tool, which come in some kind of bootable version and do all work there.

ntfs windows partitions should be modifyied with windows own tool best, rest , e.g setting up linux partitions etc, can be done with something like partedmagic etc.

They aslo claim often that the software will change dynamic poartition to basic. I can only warn that this will result in los of all data on such partitons. I do not much care as what is stated on some website, I test it myself and see: only complete reformat of the whole disk, was needed. Not even testdisk was able to sort out the mess done after this operation.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland


That's funny, cause the one time I used it. I had a 5 year old PC that had a 15GB system partition and about 45GB of data space in another partition, and the system C partition was almost full.

After a clean re-install of XP, and getting all the Windows Updates, the system partition was down to 2 or 3 GB free space. Even with data set to store on the other partition, it was only a matter of time til the C partition filled up and slowed the computer to a crawl. Using EPM, I resized the C partition to 30GB. Now I admit I had to reboot for the changes to take effect, but at least I was able to increase the size of the system partition (NTFS) under XP, even if the change didn't take effect til after I rebooted.

I can't remember if there was any data in the D partition or not, so that is another consideration, but one would back up data before trying something like this anyway.

I guess it doesn't really matter if it is a portable app or not, as you can just uninstall after accomplishing what you want, but I have a fondness for portable apps and prefer to use them whenever possible. On my own PC almost all of my apps are portable apps with the exception of about 5 that I can't find portable equivalents of. So, if it were possible, I would like a portable version of EPM, but based on the installation program, it doesn't look like it is easily possible, as extracting the .exe doesn't produce a runnable executable.

normal way

>Now I admit I had to reboot for the changes to take effect, but at least I was able to increase the size of the system partition (NTFS) under XP, even if the change didn't take effect til after I rebooted. <

normal way, this was like this already with the old partition magic in the 90ties.
Nothing new.

To make all changes definitely stored, the procedure is to change the partition type to something non existing for few seconds and store all new part tables and values to the proper places and change the partition type back what it was before. All takes few seconds only. All the rest as defragging etc can be done before on the live system.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

Why a portable Partition Manager

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread.

I am currently trying to use winpe to apply an image to resell old computers --- legally sysprepped for a non-volume home licence to be used etc. Currently I need to boot to a partition manager, then to my winpe to apply the image.

Diskpart refuses to remove the old partitions so I haven't been able to use that from winpe. I therefore would like a portable free pm to do it all in one go.

That is about the only scenario that is valid to my knowledge.


fdisk if just for destruction of partition table

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

There are MANY useful

There are MANY useful purposes for this.

A great example of where this is useful is if you have a USB to IDE/SATA adapter with you, and a laptop. Take a hard disk that has a corrupt partition, (could even be another laptop HDD) connect it to the adapter, and windows will have block level access to the disk.

From there you can use whatever partitioning tools you deem necessary, including partition recovery and file recovery tools.

I find this method IMMENSELY easier than booting up a CD inside of the computer with the dead disk, namely because when you have a live operating system with full network access, already installed proper drivers and whatnot, you can easily move files and data off of said disk. This can be difficult, annoying, or both when you are booting to an alternative operating system.

Instead of doing the above, just pop the disk out (You do have an easy removal tray, right? All modern cases have them) connect it to your working PC, (no disassembling or rebooting required) and have at it for disk forensics.

Another purpose, is windows doesn't allow you to create or access multiple partitions on a flash drive that has the "removable" bit turned on, which is the vast majority of USB sticks and cannot be changed for 99% of them. Programs like this and Active@ Partition Manager allow you to create and access these additional partitions.

Unfortunately Active@ Partition Manager doesn't seem to work with windows 8, and doesn't appear to be in development anymore, so I need to find an alternative. If you're still on Windows 7, that's great because A@PM is already portable out of the box.

The nice thing about EaseUS though is that in addition to willy nilly repartitioning, it also has partition header recovery features and raw partition image backup and reading.