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Panda Cloud Antivirus Portable !!

frfr123 - March 17, 2010 - 4:32pm
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If u can u can made portable this soft, is free an very good and awseome.


Sorry of my bad english.

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take a look at the other AV posts

Please look at the other AV posts and you will find discussion of why this is not likely to happen. also Panda IMHO is one of the WORST AV companies out there. i will use Free OSS Clam before going toward Panda. hell i will install the dreaded Norton before panda. lets just say i have had very bad experiances with PandaAV and leave it at that.


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Don't talk to Mir that way.

Don't talk to Mir that way. He's a long time member here.

He says he's tried it, and dislikes it, and I completely agree with him.

Please, don't use inappropriate slangs/lingos.

Siggys waste bandwidth... that's why I have one.

thanks gluxon

i appreciate the support

several things

Panda isnt OSS so it will be hard to deal with. you'd need permission first and getting through the language barrier with Panda (iirc they are a Tawanese company EDIT: No they are Spanish) to get the A-OK.

As for a cloud based AV doesnt sit well with me for security reasons. why should i be connected all the time to have a functioning AV when i can have a fully functional AV on a no network enabled computer.

I am left unimpressed with Panda's track record and seeing as Kaspersky has a much better track record i would go with their product before ever touching another panda product ever agian.

As for calling me a n00b which you failed at because it is not spelt capital n lowercase double o capital b, but is suppose to be lowercase n capital double o lowercase b. get with the standards of teh interwebz please. k thx bai

Also i have been in the IT industry for quite some time and have dealt with many systems running many different programs. in the past 3 years i have used 8 different AV programs.

Clam has its weakpoints. its strong points are that it is quickly fixed (usualy) when there is a bug and the database is maintained and updated quite quickly. whether it works all the time is another story.

I've been using Panda's

I've been using Panda's CloudAV for a while now. I don't know much about Panda, but it's worked really well for me, and I don't really have any complaints now that they've ironed out a lot of the really bad bugs.

Another thing about how it works: CloudAV keeps a cache of definitions for offline use. It relies primarily on the cloud, but if you're offline, you won't go unprotected. I don't know how much this cache covers, but it's still not the same as having no AV at all.

Language barrier shouldn't matter too much. A few of the developers speak English pretty fluently, and there's an English localization, so there shouldn't be much to translate except for some obscure error messages that might've been left out (which have popped up before when it was in beta.)

But yeah, I'm pretty sure it's not open source anyway, and it runs as a Windows service, so it might not matter either way.


thank you

thank you for your input. it is usefull and contrasts quite well agianst my exprience.