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Portable ClamWin and Drive Letters

Submitted by desrtfx on July 7, 2006 - 6:43am

I just recently noticed that Portable ClamWin stores the Drive Letter of the first start in the profiles. This can be rather tricky when working with different drive letters. When the drive letter is removed, upon next downloads of the virus definitions (or even during updates) the drive letters will be stored again in the profile.
Could anybody find a solution (or patch) to permanently remove the storage of drive letters in the profile. The path starting from "\" would be sufficient (like on Portable Thunderbird, Firefox, etc.)


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They are automatically adjusted on each launch by the launcher. So you can move drives or directories without an issue.

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re-tested it again - basically it's correct, except for the fact that the automatic redirection does not work on old (pre 2000) windows versions.

I generally use a USB Stick which is write-protected to diagnose viruses on unknown systems (unfortunately very common in the company where I work) - Portable ClamWin does absolutely dislike read-only drives as it tries to store the profile on each launch (the Autoupdater) - any ideas here?

Georg (desrtfx)

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Not sure what your issue is, but I just fired it up in Windows 98 SE without issue. Updated the definitions, scanned, moved the directory somewhere else, updated, scanned. Everything worked exactly as expected. And I've tested it in the past without issue as well. Something else must be up on your end. What do you mean by "automatic redirection does not work"?

None of the apps work from read-only drives. They are a different animal and work in different ways (with many more restrictions... some apps simply won't run from read only and have to be copied to local TEMP, run from there, and then deleted on exit). I'll be releasing "Live" versions of many apps after I finish up the next suite release.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!