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JDownloader Portable

Fred12 - May 15, 2010 - 8:29am
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hi, I want JDownloader as portable install for Portable apps,
I already downloaded JDownloader portable and moved it in PortableApps DIrectory and it showed me Jdownloader in start menu, but when I click on it nothing happens, only if I open JDownloader.exe manually in the folder, it opens.. can u fix that?
(and yes, I have JAVA RE Installed...)

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There was a official and functional JDownloader portable,

but for some reason they deleted the file from their webpage.

I still have and i use it. But it gets updated often so i don't know if it's still really portable.

If someone wants i can give the launcher to adapt it to the newer versions of the program.

yeah plz give me that

yeah plz give me that launcher, it doesnt start from start menu ....

the link death

the link death

Hello World!

the search bar isn't