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onunez67 - July 18, 2006 - 1:51am
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One week ago, I planed my vacations with my family and my 9 years old son asks to me to carry with us his favorite game: Microsoft’s AGE OF EMPIRES II. So I copy the Folder “age of empires II” to my 1 GB USB drive (from “Microsoft games” folder).

So, I open the “empires2.exe” program and… IT WORKS perfectly fine and well in any computer. This game is very heavy (180 MB) but is a very fine and complete strategy game.

I’m a beginner in portability stuff but portability for me means that the programs work well from a USB drive (I do not understand or care what “leave registry” is in hard disc). So, if works, then is portable!!!

My good friend Bill Gates maybe is no happy with this but Age of Empires II is portable.

Sorry for my very bad English.

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"Leaving registry settings" means it stores its settings in the registry, so when you move from one computer to another, the settings don't go with you. It also means it's leaving traces of itself... which is not always okay. For a game, it probably doesn't matter much, but for other apps, it's pretty important, so you should care. You wouldn't want, say, an email app you thought to be "portable" leaving your email address (or worse, messages) on someone else's computer, would you?

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thank you

thank you very very much for your comment, i have a long way in computer issues, but i still working.