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How to deploy xslt-filter and macros in OpenOfficePortable

ukriegel - June 29, 2010 - 3:03am
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Hi there,
we intend to use OpenOfficePortable-Calc as a verifier for data collected at different local organizations because they are already familiar with spreadsheets. For verification and consistency checks we developed a set of macros and 2 xslt-trafos for in- and output formats.

We would like to create via PortableApps.comInstaller an OpenOfficePortable distribution which contains our filters and macro definitions.
At first we installed OpenOfficePortable, added a portable java and installed the filters.

After that we used PortableApps.comInstaller to build from that modified installation an installer. Installing it afterwards the filters were gone.

Is there any chance to incorporate filters and macros in a portable distribution?

Thanks in advance

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