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Adobe After Effects CS3/CS4 Portable

xd123 - July 2, 2010 - 3:54pm
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does someone have the Adobe After Effects CS3/CS4 Portable version? Search so long time but I don´t find it. Can you help me? I prefer the language german.

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Unless Adobe has released a

Unless Adobe has released a portable version, there is no such thing legally.
Also, if they have, purchase it, don't pirate it.

Shane Thompson

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I need practice because I stay in tehe university

I need practice please because I have test the monday please

not going to happen

Its not freeware and has a restrictive liscense.

Check the Adobe site for a trial version

Adobe often offers trial versions of their software. If you only need it for practice for a few days until your test, that might be for you. Bear in mind that it is not portable, though.
However, if you are in uni and expect to need AAE in the future, you might just need to take a few extra jobs and buy the thing. Check with your prof to see if there are any school discounts, too.
Good luck.

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