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Portable Babylon

jackc73 - July 26, 2006 - 5:10am
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Requesting a portable version of this program:

Dictionary, thesaurus, translations, conversions, and more...


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Babylon is a proprietary software, but StarDict will be...

Babylon is a proprietary software, i think it will not be portable

but the StarDict(,i think it can be make as a portable version.
as like GIMP and Gaim, it is based on GTK. and i modify the John's Portable GIMP's launcher to run when 2.4.7 and share the same GTK directory with GIMP and Gaim,it saved setup with a cfg file at StarDict's relatively directory. but i find it save the cfg file at C:\Documents and Settings\***\Application Data\StarDict\ when the new version 2.4.8.

busy and out,and i'm not good at programs.
anyone have time to make a Portable StarDict?

I may

have the time, if I get a little less homework.
I'll try it tonight.
R McCue
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And before anyone complains about the grammar, I'm so jetlagged that my
hands aren't even in the same time zone...

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Search before you post. There is already a recent thread on this here. No need to have multiple threads on the same thing.



You should post that in the

You should post that in the other topic, i posted this first!
The OTHER person should have searched!

I started this topic: July 26, 2006
The Topic you mentioned was started: August 4, 2006


I'm sorry.

You are correct, I made a mistake.




lol, no worries Smiling

PS: i wasnt actually angry... Sticking out tongue