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Netbeans Portable 6.9 Development Test 1

caseyn - July 26, 2010 - 7:08pm
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Application: Netbeans
Category: Development
Description: NetBeans is an open-source IDE and an application platform that enable developers to rapidly create web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications using the Java platform, as well as JavaFX, PHP, JavaScript and Ajax, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Groovy and Grails, and C/C++.

Download Netbeans Portable 6.9 PHP Bundle [751KB download / 128MB installed]
(MD5: 968d43dd78bd4717447fbda0ac1f3341)

Release Notes:

6.9 PHP Bundle Development Test 1 (2010-07-27): Initial release

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App can't start from portable apps menu

Hi, i use portable apps Version 2 Beta5 Pre 2
I see netbeans portable in menu, but can't start application from there. I i open installation directory and start application from there everything are looking fine, applications starts.

Ah yes, you have to copy the

Ah yes, you have to copy the data from App/DefaultData to Data manually. I thought the installer/launcher should do that automatically. Not sure yet how to fix that.

Note: If you don't copy that directory, your local userdir will be used to store netbeans data to.

still noting

i try to copy
there is only one file netbeans.conf in hole path,
to PortableApps\NetbeansPortable\Data\settings\.netbeans\6.9\etc\
but same netbeans do not start from Portable Apps menu.

Not what he said

That's not what he said - he said it won't run from the Platform. You've probably got the [Control] section wrong in appinfo.ini.

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Indeed a [Control] issue; I

Indeed a [Control] issue; I fixed the installer.

Still have to copy the DefaultData dir though. Chris Morgan, could you help me out with that?


Installed to desktop (XP SP3) default data was copied, will try to install to PA drive next. One thing to note you may want to default Java from find to require and then point it to the Portable java?

Will update once I install to PA Drive

Installed and run quite well on PA drive, I wonder if the issue is with Java and where it is located? I have Java loaded on both host and PA Drive. Perhaps having it default to the portable one may work. As for the DefaultData Directory, it moved itself quite well. Remember it will only move upon first run or subsequently if it does not find it in the Data directory.

So not saure what the hiccup is on others end?

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DefaultData copied

The default data is copied automatically if it exists. There's no need for you to do anything extra with it.

I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here.

“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1

Hi caseyn, Hope this post

Hi caseyn,

Hope this post finds you well.
Is Netbeans Portable still being developed, or has interest switched to Eclipse Portable instead?

Thank you kindly,


Working great!

I just loaded this portable netbeans and then ran the updates and it seems to work GREAT. I am using it on a work PC with windows XP for the OS and kingston for the USB drive 4G with 3G partitioned securely with Truecrypt for security sake.

Going Mobile
Scott Damery

How it works with NETBEANS JAVA IDE

I dont know how that Portableapps Launcher works so I used the Freeware Bat to exe converter ( ).

On the netbeans download page ( ) select in the dropdown menu Platform "OS Independent Zip". Then download your netbeans technology (i only tested java se).

Make a new Folder in PortableApps named %folder% ( i used NetbeansPortable )
Unzip the netbeans*.zip into this folder.

create these 2 batch files
CALL vars.bat
REM START %~dp0\bin\netbeans.exe -J-Duser.home=%~d0\Documents --userdir %~dp0\.netbeans\6.9 --jdkhome %~d0\PortableApps\CommonFiles\jdk\jdk1.6.0_23 --console suppress
goto mydebug%MYDEBUG%
START %MYNETBEANSPATH% -J-Duser.home=%MYUSERDIR% --userdir %MYDATADIR% --jdkhome %MYJDKHOME% --console suppress
goto end
echo START %MYNETBEANSPATH% -J-Duser.home=%MYUSERDIR% --userdir %MYDATADIR% --jdkhome %MYJDKHOME% --console suppress > mydebug.txt


SET MYNETBEANSPATH=%~dp0netbeans\bin\netbeans.exe
SET MYUSERDIR=%~d0\Documents
SET MYDATADIR=%~dp0.netbeans\6.9
SET MYJDKHOME=%~d0\PortableApps\CommonFiles\jdk\jdk1.6.0_23


Then use the Bat To Exe Programm and create your Launcher for netbeans. Select the first batch (netbeans.bat) as your source.

if something goes wrong try to use the MYDEBUG=1 and look into the output mydebug.txt

if someone wants the generated executable, plz send me an email.

NetBeans directories

Sir I'm just wondering how'd you deal with the NetBeans $PROFILE directories that is automatically generated by NetBeans IDE. (.nbi, .netbeans, .netbeans-registration, NetBeansProjects)

I wanted to study the launcher so badly so that I could create one for NetBeans Java bundle.


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netbeans.exe recognizes these

netbeans.exe recognizes these parameters
--userdir %MYDATADIR%
--jdkhome %MYJDKHOME%

but some extensions or code in netbeans uses the Java "user.home" property.
Normally it should be overrided by commandline parameters.
then you should look into netbeans/etc folder for netbeans configuration. there are some defaults which perhaps are stronger than commandline parameters.


Is this still being updated?

Previously known as kAlug.


Netbeans 7.0 is newer and stable


7.0 portable

Is someone making netbeans 7.0 portable ?

Not sure if this is still

Not sure if this is still being developed or discussed here. I found the project on Sourceforge ( and decided to try and use it.

I mainly use the PHP and HTML branch of NetBeans IDE ( So it isn't as troublesome and heavy as the Java branch. So it would be nice to have it supported here as well in the PortableApps home, so it could have more visibility. It could help with issues like for example, NBPortable Version 8 still leaves a folder and files on the users ApprData>Roaming directory.

Many Thanks.