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Portable Skype

Abecedarian - December 14, 2005 - 5:29pm
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UPDATE: Skype Portable has been released!

Over on the Request Apps Forum, a question quickly led to a discussion about crafting a Portable version of Skype. Being careful to not modify things to the point of violating the user agreement, why don't we try to iron out a solution on this forum?

First of all, keep in mind that there is now both the stable Skype 1.4 as well as the new Skype 2.0 Beta.

Now, here are a few relevant posts to start from:


So, does anybody have a surefire method to make Sykpe portable?

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i am using a portable version on my local hd.

skype.exe /datapath:"Data" /removable

Works fine. Symbolic Links, etc. Hmm, i think it's very complicated. Try to make a batch file wich contains the following line:

@echo off
start skype.exe /datapath:"Data" /removable

Before just create "Data" folder as subdirectory in current folder (location of skype.exe)

..\portable skype\skype 2.0\skype.exe
..\portable skype\sykpe 2.0\Data\

Place it into the folder, where skype.exe is located. Name it "StartSkype.bat" or something like that. I think that must work, because Skype saves data in specified directory.

I think, there is no need for symbolic links, etc. I don't need autostart, too. I have copied skype folder from drive x:\ to m:\ Only Outpost FW recognized, that exe "has changed" (new location). That was it. skype.exe starts without any problems via StartSkype.bat

You can place StartSkype.bat into root dir of your stick - works too:

@echo off
cd skype 2.0
start skype.exe /datapath:"Data" /removable

Works with Skape and above!

greetz Bulldash

This one works and is easy.

I have been looking in to this and the third link up there is good
The second post down is the the one to follow. It is really easy and it works.

here it is:

"zeuser3919 Posted Friday, 18 November 2005 HA! Forget that! I picked this up off another forum. This is not my idea but it does work perfectly!

1 - Purchase generic USB stick. I use a 2GB but I think you can get away with as little as 128MB
2 - Make a folder on the USB stick called /skype
3 - Copy the Skype.exe from a PC install in the USB stick's /skype folder
4 - Create a new text file on the USB stick /skype folder called Skype.Bat
5 - Edit the file with notepad. What do you put in? you put in the following

@echo off
set APPDATA=%~dp0Application Data
if not exist "%~dp0Application Data" mkdir "%~dp0Application Data"
echo Starting Skype...
start %~dp0skype.exe

That's all you need for "skype on a stick". Everywhere you plug in your USB stick, just run the skype.Bat file and you've got skype on any XP PC with a USB port.

I have extras that help out even more:

1 - I use Pstart.exe (look it up), to help the autorun process when I plug in my USB stick into an XP machine with service pack 2.
2 - I use a Kensington USB Bluetooth dongle which I plug into any XP windows machine with service pack 2. You need service pack 2 since it has a generic Bluetooth driver included. And for non service pack 2, I have the drivers in a folder on my USB stick.
3 - I use a Motorola HS-810 Bluetooth headset instead of the mic and speaker. Most PC don't have a built-in mic.

So the only 3 pieces I need are:

1 - 2GB USB stick
2 - Kensington USB bluetooth dongle
3 - Motorola bluetooth headset

The advantage of the Bluetooth headset is mobility. I can step about 30ft away from the PC and it still works. It's also light and comfortable for handsfree operation."

I was looking at the fourth one down too and it seems really complicated,
but I think it might be set up to just start skype automatically when you plug the usb key in. I will try to do that one if I have sometime.

Why all this stuff ? Just

Why all this stuff ? Just put Skype on your usb key, create a directory for data and use skype this way:

z:\dati\tool\skype\skype.exe /datapath:"z:\dati\tool\skype" /removable

I use z:\dati\tool\skype as skype dir

try, it is so easy and it works

Just my words

Hi, i wrote the same above. But you are using a fix drive letter and an absolute path to data directory. So you make it complicate, too. Because in some situations "z:" isn't avaible for example.

As you can see above, you can specify "datapath" as a relative path.

datapath:"Data" /removable

But i know, you have to specify a drive letter when you are using windows links for example. So you are rihgt! But i think using a batch file and no drive letters is just the better way.

But again, datapath can be a subdirectory of the folder which contains the skype.exe file, too. So you can type the short path (one word in this case). Before you have just to create a folder "Data" or something like that.

greetz Bulldash

Portable Skype Made Easy

I suggest this simple way, based on previous contributions, with a zest of french touch:

If fix drive letters are an issue, well, don't use them at all. This 2-line batch file will nicely do the job:

@echo off
start \apps\skype2\skype.exe /datapath:"\apps\skype2\data" /removable

The datapath directory must be previously created.

Looking forward, and using the same example, I would like to resurrect a simple, yet powerful trick used by our pappies, from the DOS years, to capture an assigned drive letter on the fly:

@echo off
pushd \

start %AMOVIBLE%\apps\skype2\skype.exe /datapath:"%AMOVIBLE%\apps\skype2\data" /removable

Jean-Pierre (B-Lands DEEE)

Nice suggestion, works

Nice suggestion, works fine.. the batch file does his job... but i would like to assign a iconto the batch file... to make clear that it is skype... is there a way to make it ?

You don't need it....

All you need to do is make a subdirectory in the Skype folder named "data" and then use the command line /datapath:"data" /removable" and you're set. I don't understand why it's so confusing.

Rob Loach [Website] [Projects]

ok, i got the pstart.exe...

ok, i got the pstart.exe... and now everthing is fine (i didnt saw it before)
another question, semi related... i have a:
-bluetooth dongle
-bluetooth headset

is there a easy way to port them from 1 PC to antoher?
Company 1
-Location 1
-Location 2

Yet, i can carry all apps with me on the usbstick but i am forced to install the huge (127MB) software on every pc i want to use the headset.... any ideas, suggestions ?

greets Philippt

Is it possbile that pamela

Is it possbile that pamela can be carryed with skype ?

Pamela is a answeringmachine for skype (

I feel stupid, but...

Dumb question: How does one run this infamous command line on a Windows machine?

(Note: I'm posting with a "borrowed" account from Therefore, my opinion is not that of the account owner.)

Start > Run > CMD Steve

Start > Run > CMD


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I've found that setting the

I've found that setting the APPDATA and USERPROFILE variables just creates a growing mess in the directory with IE5 cache junk, etc. (Even though I'm not running IE).

Here's what I'm using, it's a hybrid of what has been presented here:

@echo off
set PROFILE=%~dp0Profile
if not exist "%~dp0Profile" mkdir "%~dp0Profile"
start "Skype 2.0" /D"%~dp0" "%~dp0skype.exe" /datapath:"%PROFILE%" /removable

If anyone wants I could make

If anyone wants I could make a silent NSIS installer
what method works the best?
R McCue

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I found a way simpler way of

I found a way simpler way of doing it! (I'm not sure if its 100%
Create a Shortcut to skype.exe in the skype folder or wherever.
Right click it and click properties,
Find Target, and in the box, go to the end, add a space after skype.exe and type:

/datapath:"Your Data folder here" /removable

Just make sure you have a data folder (call it whatever i called mine data) and then just type the path to the link. you don't need to put the drive letter, just start with a slash (\) (say \Programs\Skype\data) and it should work! It worked on my computer without any errors... so I'm going to go try it on a computer that doesnt already have skype installed!

UPDATE: It works!


Sadly a Windows shortcut won't work because shortcuts store the absolute path of the application. If you move the application to a different directory, or the drive path changes, the shortcut will not work anymore.

I put together Portable Skype a while ago so that you don't need a batch file or a Windows shortcut. Enjoy! All you have to do is put skype.exe in the skype directory and then run PortableSkype.exe .

Rob Loach [Website] [Projects]

Portable skype

Just use a batchfile instead of a shortcut. Batchfiles support relative paths.

Not necessarily. I remember

Not necessarily.

I remember reading somewhere that you could put something like %root% in the Start In box in the shortcut properties -- sort of like running something from \ in a batch file.

And if you happen to be lugging around an NTFS-formatted drive, you can use hard shortcuts -- supershortcuts which detect when you move the target file, and thus save the location (I don't have such a drive, so I can't test it myself, so it might not work). There's a free utility that does that for you somewhere, can't remember exactly where.

~nm35 {blog} {projects} {standalone apps}

This is by far the best way

This is by far the best way to do it. If you use PStart, then you don't have to worry about the relative paths thing =)

BTW, works fine with with all previous 2.5 history and everything as of 2007-01-25

realy portable skype?

Hello to you all (new here)

I have been trying all the solutions given here, but i realized that in every case, a lot of info is written into the registry. Is that normal? (Personally, as long as an apps writes settings to the registry i don't consider it as portable).

Thanks in advance for your answers



I'm saying it would probably remove them after.
Otherwise, it would not be portable. If that is the case, try Libertà Lapwing
R McCue
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Hey Ryan!

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The Kazoo Spartan

'tis true

But you can still get it @
Sourceforge !Eye-wink




Forgot about that.
Don't worry, the page is coming back soon. We just want to keep the Lapwing scene quiet at the moment.
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Using Skype on your Portable Device

Dear all

I installed Skype 2.5 on my PC and copy the directory ...\skype\... to my portable device.

After that I uninstalled the skype from my PC and used it directly from my USB flash drive.

The software is working propperly.


Breno Marques
+55 31 91910320

Breno Marques
+55 31 91910320



After reading and trying CMD, I was realy disappointed CMD window does not close after Skype is started.

I've wrote a simple program SkypePortable.exe. It simply runs Skype with parameters:
/datapath:"Path" /removable

If no parameters specified Path = Data by default. Otherwise first specified parameter replaces path.

I am not sure about this forim link publishing policy. Try to get it here.

Bugs/Sugestions/Improvements are welcome:

user "start" (without ")

use "start" (without ") command in cmd
anyway if you using more IMs than Skype I suggest using Miranda (which is portable) with Skype plugin, you can easly set up starting Skype there without any nasty windows Eye-wink - checked on Skype 3.0 beta here

Embrace your dreams

Skype License prevents distribution

Hello @all,

please take a look at:
Skype Distribution Terms!

You are not allowed to distribute skype without a special agreement with and after testing the modified version by skype!

All we can do at the moment on PortableApps (or on another place) is create a Laucher for it.

The Skype Software should be added by every user himself.

I could create a launcher in the PortableApps Launcher Design/Function but without any Skype Logo (an without any PortableApps stuff befor it is not testet and allowed by John).

If someone is willing to find a solution with for this licence issue, please do so.

Marko Moeller

Paid for Software more or less?
What You need is OSS!

Adding skype to your Drive

Adding skype to your Drive is easy.
1. First download and install skype onto your computer.
2. insert the thumb drive into your computer
3. go to this directory on your jump drive; G:\PortableApps (your computer may assign a different letter to your drive other than 'G' )
4. In this directory create a new folder called 'skype' then enter this folder. You are now in this directory; G:\PortableApps\Skype.
5. Now go to C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone. Once there copy the exe file called Skype
6. Go back to the directory on your jump drive and paste that skype exe into the 'Skype' folder under the Portabble apps directory.

Thats it! now skype will work from your drive on any other computer!

Adding... This is no PortableApp !!!

That is it not!
Skype will be run in every location You want, but it will ever story the data in the default user profile on the hard this untill You dont use the solutions posted before.

Again: PortableSkype is no problem (and by the way it exist as paf-package and I will publish it for testing)!

The Problem is the license of skype!

If we want, we could publish the launcher without skype an let it to the user to download end add it.

Or we find someone who is willing to find a solution with skype,com for this.

Kind Regards

Paid for Software more or less?
What You need is OSS!


To quote Wikipedia, "Be bold"
i.e. Do it yourself! If you don't want to, I could have a go at working it with them.
Ryan McCue
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Skype Portable BETA ready

... that's why I said we have to find (another) one to do this!

The BETA-Version for SkypePortable (without Skype) You can found here:
[Link to illegal software removed by moderator JTH. You can *NOT* use another company's trademark in your software product, even if it is just a launcher, without their express permission.]
Wrong version was uploaded, sorry.
John is still working on a solution, thats why my version is not needed.

Install it like every other PortableApp
You have to copy the local skype folder to ./PortableApps/SkypePortable/Apps/
that's all.


Paid for Software more or less?
What You need is OSS!

Trademark Law

You can't use the Skype name, logos or other trademarks on a launcher you create without permission from the trademark holder. I've had a working copy of Skype Portable sitting on my PC for over 6 months. But I'm working on getting permission from Skype to release it.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Your right!

Hi John,

that's what I tried to say in this tread again and again.

I saw that I upload the wrong version instead the one without logo and icon.

But if You have a version ready and working on the license issue, my version is not needed.

I removed it from the server and deleted the link.

Thank You for the quick reply John!


Paid for Software more or less?
What You need is OSS!