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[Released] IObit Smart Defrag 1.5 Portable

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(Homepage) - September 2, 2010 - 7:43pm
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Rejoice!: The official release of Smart Defrag Portable can be found here. The below version is an outdated and unsupported development test. IObit did release a new 2.0 beta, and the topic can be found here.

Application: Smart Defrag
Category: Utilities
Description: What’s the primary cause of slow/unstable PC performance? It’s disk fragmentation. Smart Defrag helps defragment your hard drives more efficiently than any other product on the market –– free or not. This powerful, award-winning free defragmenter is 100% safe and clean with no adware, spyware, or viruses. Launcher: This portable app was made using the Launcher.

Administrative Rights: Administrative rights are required to run Smart Defrag. You'll get an error message if you try to run it with limited privelidges.

Freeware: This software is FREEWARE and is destributed with permission from IObit.

Download IObit Smart Defrag Portable Development Test 3
1.5 MB Download; 4.5 MB Installed
MD5: 7c1caca18768c84cd8ac3b9bde640526

Release Notes
December 21, 2010: Well it turned out that I uploaded the wrong version of DT2, so, yeah. [HKLM]:Run has been taken care of.
September 4, 2010: Added RunAsAdmin and cleaned up better.
September 2, 2010: Initial Release

Other Notes
This defragment tool is a great alternative to JKDefrag portable... it offers a more user-friendly interface and is an ideal choice for portable defragmentation and optimizations AND its not dead.


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Admin Rights

FYI - When I run this without admin privileges I don't see any warnings or messages about having to run as admin. The splash page just comes up and then the launcher shuts down. Not sure if this is by design or not (same with security 360). I'm on Win7 x64.

OK on 32 bit win 7

Works fine on Win7 32 bit, so does IOBit security 360.

Need to add Admin Rights to Launcher

You need to add admin rights to the launcher to both launchers.


This will bring up the UAC prompt to run the program as admin and will close if admin rights cannot be obtained.


will do.


APPDATA left behind

Also there is a folder left in %APPDATA%. Looking at the launcher:

settings\IObit SmartDefrag="%APPDATA%\IObit\IObit SmartDefrag"

should be

settings\IObit SmartDefrag=%APPDATA%\IObit\IObit SmartDefrag



thanks for all your feedback!

If only there were users for other less known about dev tests.

Data directory

I personally would recommend also that you change "settings\IObit SmartDefrag" to something like "appdata". It's neater.

I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here.

“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1


in case your wondering why I chose to do it that way is because I liked to keep the name of the settings folder in %APPDATA% the same as the settings folder in Data\settings.

updated to dev test 2

see release notes for changes


I tried launching this from within the IO Bit Toolbox. Instead of launching the application it launched a browser taking me to the download page. Some with Game Booster. What gives? Advocate

It doesnt include all the apps you see

some are just shortcuts to take you to the website to download it.


This is for the IO Bit team but here it is:

Make it so that when clicking on one of these shortcuts it checks to see if that tool is installed and launches it. If not present then it opens the browser for a download.

Building on this you could have it set up so that in the PAF version it looks for the appropriate EXE in the G:\PortableApps\IObitToolboxPortable\App\toolbox\tools folder.

The IO Bit team could make the base application search for the EXE using a relative path which should then make your work easier.

What you think? Advocate

talks of partnerships are looming

between IObit and

We'll see how it plays out.

As for the mean time, go download Game Booster Portable: and install it and then copy the contents of the folder to App\toolbox\tools and delete eo_gamebooster.exe and rename GameBoosterPortable.exe to that and try it.

I guess I can ask IObit if they can make eo_gamebooster.exe look for Game Booster Portable first, though.


It leaves an entry in the autostart like this:

HKLM:Run SmartDefrag "D:\PortableApps\SmartDefragPortable\App\SmartDefrag\IObit SmartDefrag.exe" /StartUp

Its not supposed to

I took care of that already (see App\AppInfo\Launcher\SmartDefragPortable.ini)

Added the new beta

And Alien27, if your still in the forums, just post a little reminder in the future that the new beta came out, and I'll try to update ASAP (updates are a bigger priority than new apps).

Thanks for taking interest in this, though.

Updated regular version to dev test 3

Thanks 73h_p0W for pointing out that mistake. I think I uploaded the wrong version because I found both installers on my desktop.

Doesn't Start

Doesn't start on Windows 7 x64 with UAC enabled (default). Will start if I run it directly and it prompts me for admin access.

If I add RunAsAdmin=force back in, it works fine (i think you accidentally left this out). And when compiled with PAL 2.1b2 and digitally signed, it shows the proper app name "Smart Defrag Portable ( Launcher)" in the UAC prompt as well.

UPDATE: I've made the fixes and released it Smiling Please let IOBit know. And let them know they can contact me directly for any additional info, changes, etc. I'm thinking we'll be posting the rest of their apps shortly as well.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

I let IObit know

thanks for the release Laughing out loud

Please check out this!

It rates OIbit as Unsatisfactory!