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Portable Comodo Dragon

jay2007tech - September 14, 2010 - 12:29pm
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Would anybody be interested in building Portable Comodo Dragon

I've already build one, it works but nothing near polished
If you like to see the one I did or want to base and/or mod it off that. You have my full permission Smiling

While it is portable, it's just not on the same caliber as the portable apps you guys make.

P.S. For those that don't know what it is. It's based off of the chrome browser, but WITHOUT the spyware

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closed source

all of what comodo does is closed source.

melih from the ceo gave it the O.K.

It's been givin the O.K.

If there's any dout, just (I don't know his email off hand)
go to
lookup "melih" <--He's the CEO and administartor
And give him a PM, to verify. It make take a few days for a reply

Comodo Dragon Portable

Comodo Dragon now has an option to install portably, so all thats needed is a launcher, but i still think this should be looked at if possible...


I have posted instructions on getting Silverlight working for Netflix in a portable Dragon install in the General topics forum.

I'd love to see this browser

I'd love to see this browser in PortableApps collection. It should be easy to support. Official installer has portable mode. I installed it in virtual machine and moved directory to host machine. Worked like a charm. So it should be enough to just put it inside PortableApps installer.

Agreed. I've had several

Agreed. I've had several peers switch to Dragon (for Chrome) and IceDragon (for Firefox). It'd be great to use it on my flash stick.

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Passwords, Time

As with all 'portable' versions of Chrome-based browsers from other entities, saved passwords are locked to a single PC and won't work as you move around. This includes Opera 15's built-in 'portable' mode, Iron's official zipped 'portable' version, X-Chromium from WinPenPack, Comodo Dragon's 'portable' install, etc. All of them are mislabeled as portable when a major feature (saved passwords) doesn't work portably at all.

The only way around this is to use a custom-built password portablizer like we do in the Format packages of Google Chrome Portable, Iron Portable and Chromium Portable (which will become official shortly). This needs to be adapted for each implementation of Chromium/Blink and then maintained on an ongoing basis. I'm going to have my hands full getting Opera 16 up and running (our assumed target when the new Opera is usable enough to replace the old one) without taking on a niche browser like Comodo that doesn't seem to bring much to the table. If the publisher were genuinely interested in an actual portable version and wanted to promote and support it alongside, it would be a different story.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

There is an option called

There is an option called Master Password in Dragon. I believe, it replaces Chromium's password encryption method locked to a Windows user profile with it's own method based on master password. I never tested it, though. If this changes things, I can test and report here if saved passwords are portable with this option.

I've just tested, passwords

I've just tested, passwords are completely portable with "Master Password" option. And what's more important, they are securely portable.


That would be the very first Chromium browser with the same feature as ours. I wonder if they used or analyzed our code. All our Chrome-based browsers support a secure master password that securely portablizes passwords: Google Chrome Portable, Iron Portable and Chromium Portable. And our code to do so is open source so you can ensure it is secure.

I still don't see a reason to support the niche Comodo browser, though. It doesn't seem to add anything to all the browser we do support. And I'd have to pay for the bandwidth to support downloads since it's not open source.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

It has a very nice feature --

It has a very nice feature -- Secure DNS. It is great because I can use it from anywhere and make sure I will not enter my password on a fraudulent site on a computer with DNS server changed by virus or other malware. This happens often with popular social networks like,,, etc.

Also, it starts up much faster than Chrome or Iron portable.


In that case, you can feel free to contact the publisher about doing a PAF. If they are interested and willing to host it, I'm in.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Thaank you. I'll contact

Thank you. I'll contact them. But if they ask me how to do that, what should I tell them? I'm not familiar with creating PA installers.


Details are in the development section. We can assist for free.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

A little offtopic

I tried to find Master Password option in my Chrome and Iron portable, but didn't find anything. Is it planned for future versions of browsers? And will Chrome's sync feature work with it?


Did you look in the help.html? It's described in there but off by default. The reason is we only recommend using it with secure password turned on, but some people would rather have the browser not prompt for it. Or they're using it on a secure drive like the PA.c Carbide and don't need a password so they store them a unencrypted between uses.

Google Chrome Portable has supported a secure master password for portable passwords since before Comodo Dragon existed.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Thank you. I read comments in

Thank you. I read comments in GoogleChromePortable.ini and it looks way more complex and less user-friednly than Dragon's implementation. With Dragon I only need to enter master password once I access site with stored password. And to use master password I only need to check this option in settings, passwords will be converted automatically -- I don't need to files from my profile manually.

But still it's very nice, I will try this option. Too bad it's so well hidden, I didn't even guess it's existance for more than a year using Chrome Portable.


You only need to turn it on once in the INI file. Then it'll prompt you once on each start of Google Chrome Portable to unlock your passwords. That's it.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Actually, no. I tried to use

Actually, no. I tried to use this option and it's a nightmare. It asked me to enter the password first time I started Chrome and everything looked good. But when I closed and started browser again and entered same password, it started showing me error message windows "Cannot decrypt password", loads of them. I held down ESC key and waited for a few seconds for all these errors to stop. When browser finally started, saved passwords were there. On next start same happened again. So it looks like this feature is not so well polished. Not to mention that entering password on each browser start is very annoying.

So, even if Dragon's master passwords feature is based on your code, they made it way better. It matches the same feature of Firefox, only asking master password when it's needed.

Tens of Thousands

We have tens of thousands of users using that feature, so I'm unsure what bug you experienced. I will take a look into it.

If they did use our code, they would have done it illegally, since their browser isn't open source. I doubt Comodo would do that, though.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

I believe, the key is that I

I believe, the key is that I have to delete some file (hash database) from profile, as mentioned in the GoogleChromePortalbe.ini. Only then it will work as expected. But I tried a clean ChromePortable install, but after enabling passwords sync feature, I got the same error messages on startup.