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*Portable Proxy*

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jared.kindred (Homepage) - November 13, 2010 - 4:49pm
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Can someone please help me find or design a portable app that can be used as a proxy. I commonly use proxies but would like to have one that is reliable and that is portable at the same time. Please list sites or if your feeling extremely helpful, make a new app for me Smiling

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Please list the software you are currently using

because I'm not sure exactly what you are requesting.

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.


is written in PHP and can be uploaded to any server and work just like that:

I uploaded it to try it out (see my homepage next to my username) and it really works. There are a bunch of sites out there that use it, including and

There are some web browsers that can also get to the good stuff, but most are illegal and/or exhibit suspicious behavior.

How is that portable though?

If you need to upload it to a permanent location (your own web server) then it's not really portable, it's just convenient.

I thought that proxy software always needs to be installed or uploaded to a server - again, not really portable.
So I'm wondering if the OP is asking for something different but calling it a proxy...

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.

use putty portable and your

use putty portable and your server with ssh access.

Having your proxy locally will do you no good. It needs to be an external computer for you to get the benefits of a proxy.

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portable proxy

Basically, what I am looking to do is have a proxy on my flash drive that I can use to bypass the schools computer system. My schools system has become really annoying and they block almost everything. I know that if I access facebook, myspace, etc. that my school will be able to see, I just would like to see websites (that are school acceptable).

Jared Kindred Web Design

A proxy may not even help

A proxy may not even help with that. If they have the sites blocked entirely, you'll be able to ask them, but there's a very good chance the school will know about it. Some corporate and educational environments use a software similar to VNC to actually record screen events. Many places also have firewalls in place to block access to proxies.

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I am not sure, but I think you misunderstood what a proxy is.
If you have a proxy on your stick and this stick is in the computer in your school, then when you talk to the proxy, you just talk to your stick which in the same computer and then the proxy will try to communicate from the same computer via all the filtering out again.
As stated by others, web proxy is some kind of relay, which will receive your requests for websites and transmit them for you and relay the answers back to you. That means it needs to be located completely outside of the school or company or particular country etc. Even then to bypass filtering may not be possible if traffic is screened and not just requests to web servers.

So portable web proxy goes to same category as LAN cable for wireless LAN.

Local proxies are used for entirely different purposes. Example: all e-mail protocols on that computer are 'captured' which go in and out of your own computer, all is encrypted or decrypted and then passed back to the actual local system. (current versions of pgp work this way)

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No Problem

If the websites are "school acceptable" then it shouldn't be a problem to get those sites on the unblocked list. Talk to teachers and parents about the issue.

not always

when my school district first switched over from Websense to Lightspeed Systems, all of my teachers' websites (wikispaces, pbworks, etc.) became blocked. It was so funny because nobody (well almost nobody) could get to the site from school to print out the homework everyone was trying to do at the last minute before class.

It took them a week to get the websites unblocked.

And then there are research papers we always try to do... roughly 2 out of every 5 websites are blocked on any given search, with reasons ranging from security issues to blogs (yeah blogs).

What I think is funny though, is that Lightspeed Systems seems to scan all the websites visited in the district like once every other week, searching for words on a website that seem suspicious.

For some reason, they still haven't found out about my website... LOL


what IS your website?
Like is it an external proxy?

Jared Kindred Web Design

I think

i think he means TOR software, its a proxy unblocker.

Kind Regards
Chris Smith

G'day Elite proxy switcher


Elite proxy switcher runs "portably" or so to speak


I wonder... Have you used it? Does it work well? I noticed in the comparison between free and pro versions, it said that https/SSL was not supported. Is it saying that all websites using an https:// in front won't work (such as gmail?)

It does look interesting, though.

hi It was the only thing that


It was the only thing that I could find that was "free" basically, and that was suppported and that worked in the sense to allowing lists to be inserted into the program.

Of course I am now interested in Tor browser, but it's not available here, and the zip version that is, does not launch using the WinShortcuts application.


I don't know what you look for as proxy.
I use classic proxy (no switching) which can authentify on NTLM (MS ISA proxy) or alike...
CNTLM is good.

For some reason I use jHTTPp2 patched. it is a java 1.6+ HTTP1.1 proxy, which was still buggy, that I have patched and now it works like a charm. I've added some option to avoid being hijacked (loopback interface, netstat watching, DNS reverse).
Note that on some environment it may be critical to choose the system (program files) JRE1.6+ and not the portable one.

It is more a development tool for me to avoid problems with NTLM authent.
no switching , no socks, no BOSH-like protocol (anyway this won't work because modern firewall detect usual BOSH protocols )... just a plain old proxy.

Maybe interested people may add what they like like Socks, BOSH&al, proxy depending on url, url rewriting... jHTTPps is not trivial, but as long as you don' took the kernel (I did, so...) it is not so sensible.

If someone take the responsibility to update jHTTPp2, or to fork the project, I give the sources ... I don't have time to publish it.

off-topic : note that strangely with latest 12.0beta2 the proxy manual option does not work, and I cannot connect to my proxy whatever I do.