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VLC: Serious problem with 1.1.5

Submitted by taosk8r on November 19, 2010 - 10:52pm

I tried downloading this on two different computers, and on attempting to play an avi (divx), it starts skipping horribly like a broken record (video and audio).

Tried the videos on mpui and they work fine, and the previous version worked fine as well.

Edit: BTW, on both computers I was also running Chrome portable. Don't know if that matters.

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That's nothing to do with us - try the VideoLAN team. We only make the app they've developed portable.

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hosed for you, for me it's playing just fine and this is a clean installation I'm using. And I'm playing multiple formats rmvb, avi, mkv and it's all working perfectly for me.

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It's working fine for me as well.

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strange somehow, thought it is rather vlc itself then the portable version.

I used to listen some internet radio streams with it, now what ever I select, it ends up with some error 'can not open' etc .

I am going to put the previous one back.

not only that it refused to play any aac streams, it refuses also to play common mp3 files, saying can not open file.

well now had to wipe out this version and copy previous one to its place.

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I heard that complaint in the VLC IRC room too. I have another problem of video freezing unable to exit the app normally for my local install. I havent used the portable version yet but as its a problem with VLC and not Portable Apps...

I reverted my local install for now.

Since it doesn't appear that a rollback is headed our way, and its probably gonna take quite a while before a new version gets made, could someone with a copy of the 1.1.4 please stick it on mediafire or megaupload or something like that?

I'm using MPUI now and its really annoying not to be able to jump to the specific place in the video you want to, and while smplayer is a totally superior player and has a portable version, it is only made available in .7z which is really annoying since I cant leave software on the computers I use and therefore have to redownload and install 7zip portable every time.


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The main repository for official PortableApps is on Sourceforge, and older versions are retained there.
Here's the link:
Scroll down to "VLC Media Player Portable" and expand the folder.
You will see every version back to 0.8.4a beta (circa 02/2006).

If you want to go back to 1.1.4, I'd suggest you download 1.1.4 rev 2.

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for one thing I'm happily using 1.1.5 with no issues at all, and there is smplayer portable and btw mpui and smplayer are just frontends for the real program called mplayer which is a command line based media player Sticking out tongue

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