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Apple Mobile Device

darkgame - December 15, 2010 - 3:33am
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I would like to have Apple Mobile Device portablized, or at least semi-portablized, along with Apple Application Support. To get those Set-up files, here's how.

- Go to this website:
- Download iTunes 10 and save it.
- Using 7zip or WinRAR (portable versions are fine), extract AppleMobileDevice and AppleApplicationSupport setup files (sorry, but i had forgotten the .exe names, but it is very obvious which is which)

What is Apple Mobile Device and Apple Application Support?
Apple Mobile Device is a tweak for iTunes to allow computers to detect for iDevices such as iPods and iPhones.

Apple Application Support is a utilities for programs that require iTunes to run. To make it simpler I would just say that it is used for programs to detect Apple Mobile Devices, so they could start their services.

Why do I need this?
I need this because I had an iPod Touch and a usb drive. My usb drive is 256mb, which I found it on a street. My iPod Touch can be used as a usb drive IF I can launch a program called iFunBox on any com, which require Apple Mobile Device and Apple Application Support. iFunBox itself is an exe and its semi-portable. Having a semi-portable Apple Mobile Device and Apple Application Support makes it more portable.

What is the least for the portablity?
-Requires Admin rights for maybe a driver

Thanks alot!

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Not Going To Happen

I can tell you now that it won't be developed here. Apple are more hardcore about their technology than Microsoft, and this is fraught with legal issues.


Thanks, though I really need it.

though you may really need it

it wont happen. sorry Sad