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Localized help packs?

christian.kissing - January 27, 2011 - 3:48pm
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I was delightet to see that - just as LibreOffice itself - LibreOffice Portable now comes as a multilingual install. Saves a lot of hassle diving for the right package.

Are there any plans to pack localized help packs in a portable installer as well?

So far I've helped myself by a) saving the original .xsl files in
into a zip archive then copying the contents of
[systemdrive]\Program Files\LibreOffice 3\Basis\help\
into that folder.

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I Believe So

I think we're going to do help packs and an icon pack (for the other 5 sets of icons we don't include to save space) but I'll need to double-check with Marko and the LibreOffice guys.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

You are right

... there will be an installer for the help packs and the imagepack.

But we have to check how we will handle this packages for updates and other issues like more languages.

Give us some time to find a good and stable solution for the Portable.

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What You need is OSS!

Thanks for the good news...

...and take your time.

Stable solution is an excellent idea.

I've just had a very quick glance at how well my workaround is doing in the office. It turned out that starting up help is awfully slow, though I'm not at all sure if this is due to glitches I produced with my 'installation' or corporate McAfee.

If you need another beta tester for this feature feel free to contact me.


Can the help pack be installed manually?

I've posted similar request elsewhere, but this looks like the appropriate place so please bear with me as its not my intent to double post, just to get a clear answer.

Is there a way to manually install the LO 3.3.0 help pack: to work with the LO portable 3.3.0?


Why install all language files when (usually) only one is used

The handling of languages needs some serious review.

I recently spent way too much time going through all the folders to delete all the unused languages except the single one I use (English in this case). Why can't the user be prompted for what language they want, then only install files for the selected language. If a user needs more than one language, allow them to add languages on an *as needed* basis.

In Windows many of the language files are referenced in the Registry adding further unnecessary overhead. On a flash drive the unused language files waste space.

Thanks in advance.