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Installation does not complete

bloatfoe - January 27, 2011 - 3:54pm
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Tried installing it twice, and both times got the message: "Extract: error writing to the file th_en_US_v2.dat".

I remember a similar error occuring when I tried to install OO.o on my old Win98 machine, but this is a first on Windows XP.

Any ideas on what might be causing that?

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If you're installing it to a path any longer than X:\PortableApps\LibreOfficePortable that would do it. LibreOffice itself has very long paths inside the app so if you install it to anything longer than what we recommend it can exceed the maximum path length allowed by Windows.

The other possibility is that you are out of disk space.

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sorry about the duplicate post ...

... Got the message that it did not go through the first time, so waiting a while and reposted.

Anyway, the path is C:\PortableApps\LibreOfficePortable and there is plenty of disk space. Tried installing it on my wife's notebook, and it installed with no apparent problems. Go figure.

I got an error message at

I got an error message at about 85% complete. There was a problem extracting the help.jar file.

I downloaded another installer, in case that one was corrupted, and got he same error.

similar here

got to that point & install ground to a halt (running on a hard drive partition win7 x64)... so I cancelled the install without deleting anything & tried again ... worked saying libreoffice is being upgraded @ start

EDIT: just tried on an external HD & no problems, must have had part of libreoffice running on the C drive before, had installed the help pack on C drive.

Nice to have LibO on portableapps ...

It may have been a space

It may have been a space issue. I was cutting my 4g thumbdrive too close.

I installed on my C: drive and everything went fine. Made sure I cleared enough space, then I copied it over to the Portable Apps directory.

All is well.

I think mine failed for a space issue

I got the "Extract:error writing to file (some file name" about 3/4 into the process bar.

I had the file on my "D" drive and was installing to "D:\", but when it failed, I noticed my "C" free space was zero. (both hard drives)

When I closed the installer I think all the space came back (I didn't have a lot to begin with). (I'm guessing it wrote temporary files on C as it extracted before copying to D.)

I added more free space to C and D and the install completed as designed.

My problem seems to have been limited space, but maybe some folks are running into a "rights" issue on borrowed computers. Anyone know where the installer "writes to" in addition to the path you tell it?


Install Size vs Size on Disk

When it's cutting it close, it's often the difference between size and size on disk. LibreOffice on my local machine drive (NTFS) is 440MB but size on disk is 455MB. It can add up to quite a difference with a larger app like this. I think we should try and come up with a way to check for it.

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It could also be virtual memory

If Windows is set to manage its own virtual memory (the default setting) then it takes it as it needs it from the free space on the hard drive.
In any case, whether temp files or virtual memory, Windows requires a substantial amount of free space to work correctly.
In my experience, once you fill your C: drive over 80%, the performance really deteriorates - and at that point, it's time to clean up and get more storage.

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