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Funny Error Message on starting LibreOffice

Ronja - January 28, 2011 - 5:04am
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LibreOffice is installed in a TrueCrypt container and I can not start any of the LibreOffice applications. Following error message occurs:

LibreOffice benötigt Windows oder neuer. Auf diesem PC läuft jedoch Windows ?, LibreOffice kann deshalb nicht ausgeführt werden.


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LibreOffice needs Windows or newer. This PC is running Windows ?, so LibreOffice cant be run on it.

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I can't work out why this would be happening. For a probable solution for yourself, remove the line "MinOS=2000" line in App\AppInfo\Launcher\LibreOfficePortable.ini. This value of (Windows) 2000 doesn't really mean much anyway as the launcher won't start on earlier than Windows 2000 at all.

In the strings and code, this is indicating that $0="" - it shouldn't, it should be "2000" because of that MinOS line - and $1="?" which means that it couldn't detect your computer as Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7 or Server 2008 R2. Is there anything unusual in your setup of Windows?

For other developers: I can't see any problems in my OperatingSystem PAL segment, the only thing which makes the slightest atom of sense (just barely!) is that WinVer.nsh is not dealing cleanly with the stack and $0.

(Summary: there's a simple solution for it but I just wish I knew why it happened - the problem just doesn't make sense.)

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Solved! I've removed the line

Solved! I've removed the line mentioned above, and now LibreOffice is starting.

The first time, I launched LibreOffice, it started good. Then I set the user-interface option to German and at next trial I've got the funny error message.

In no other PortabelApp installation running on my computer I could find a "MinOS" line in any ini file.

What OS?

Ronja, on what Operating System are you installing this?

Could you please specify OS (like Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, 7), Service pack Status (like SP3 installed), and native language (like in which language did you install it first)?

If running Windows 7: Did you install additional language packs after installing? Which? (It makes a difference if you installed a German Win7 and added English later or if you installed an English Win7 and added German later.)


OS is Windows XP

OS is Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, German, Novell Client installed. I think, the IT department haa installed the german version first.

Chris, without unpacking all

Chris, without unpacking all the PAF, I just threw a glance at …\Other\Source\portableApps.comInstallerCustom.nsh. Maybe it’s not related, but at least the line

StrCmp $LANGUAGE "1032 " 0 +3 ;Greek

has an extra space after the "1032". (Which shouldn’t actually matter since the compare is 0 +3. Just my perfectionism.)

Where’s WinVer.nsh?
I might have a look at it and could offer feedback for three WinXP+SP3 German systems as well as a multilingual (DE+EN) Seven. Though not with TrueCrypt.

WinVer is NSIS

WinVer is part of NSIS itself. And I've never seen it misread a version number. Unless it's being started by something else set in compatibility mode. Or Windows is one of those WinLite or vLite packages which cause problems with some software.

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Isn't Service Pack 2 considered unsupported by Microsoft? One of those "It didn't happen. You need to upgrade to Service Pack 3" scenarios.

End Of Lifed

XP Service Pack 2 was end-of-lifed on July 31, 2010. No one should be using it any longer as it has security issues that will never be patched.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Ah the Slow IT Department

We're still running XP Pro SP2 on my classroom computer because the school's IT department thinks SP3 will break existing software. (for the curious: old Intel P4s with 512 mb of RAM and locked down like you wouldn't believe, taking 10 minutes AFTER logging in because they're too scared to even defrag the hard drives or clear the cache)

Ah the slow world of IT policies

All of us in the Web Applications Developer as well as the PC Repair classrooms bring in our own machines and refuse to use the classroom computers for that very reason


Can applications have a "dependency" on service pack 3? I'm wondering if that is the case here, hence LO thinks it doesn't have a valid version of Windows. Just a wild guess.


I suppose it is possible. Many apps list under supported Windows versions "XP SP3+" meaning that only XP SP3 and up is supported.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!