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LOP Calc v3.3.0 german: Problem: format a cell for a date

knipsmoped - January 31, 2011 - 1:45pm
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I tested LibreOffice Calc Portable 3.3.0. When I started LOP Calc i got a info to install JRE. But there is Java 6 Update 23 on my system (no portable)!
If a cell is formated for a date in "TT.MM.JJ" format (like "31.12.10") the date is not displayed correctly. It is displayed as "TT.12.JJ". If I change the format to "DD.MM.YY" it displays correctly, but this "user-defined format" is not available in the list of date formats.
With the installed version of LibreOffice the date is displays correctly. So I think it is only a problem of the portable version.
Have anyone a idea?

Windows XP Home Servicepack 3
LibreOffice Portable v3.3.0 german (Installation path on HDD: D:\PortableApps\LibreOfficePortable)
Java 6 Update 23
Avira AntiVir Personal v10.0.0.609

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I also have date problems

Opening "old" ods files in LO33 I find dates messed up: they are not lost or corrupted but they are displayed in strange ways (something like CE/03/Wednesday or dC/05/AA).

To get them back to "normal" I have to select cells, choose the Format Cells command, choose "Italian" language from the list (even if Italian is already shown as default) and then choose the correct format from the list.

Hm. Just out of curiosity, I

Hm. Just out of curiosity, I openened some older spreadsheets that heavily rely on date stuff (date formatted as »NN DD.MM.«) and changed things around. Everything seems to function correctly (using LO 3.3.0 Portable on OO 3.2.0 spreadsheets; WinXP+SP3 German; Java: jPortable 6 Update 23).

EDIT 2011-02-02: I take it back. There must still be some bug. I just created a new document with date fields, and it keeps showing "TT.02.JJ" instead of "02.02.11".

I found this solution to the

I found this solution to the problem. I changed the language of the default template for LiOP-calc of "Standard German" in "German(Germany)" and saved as a new stadard template.

Four Questions about this solution:

  • How did you load that default template for LiOP-calc?
  • How did you change the language of the template?
  • What happens if, in a new document based on that template, you add a new sheet by clicking on the "+" label? Does the new sheet show dates correctly?
  • What happens if you open an old, existing document? Do the dates show correctly in it?


Date function

You use the german language, so I write in German.

Oeffne ein Tabellendokument und aendere es nach Deinen Wuenschen ab, Schriftart
Schriftgroesse, gehe auf Datei – Alles Auswaehlen , dann auf Extras - Optionen - Spracheinstellungen - Sprache waehle jetzt Deine Wunschsprache aus. Dann klicke auf o.k.

Speichere das Dokument mit dem Befehl Datei - Dokumentvorlage - Speichern in die Kategorie Meine Vorlagen.

Waehle den Befehl Datei - Dokumentvorlage - Verwalten.
Doppelklick auf Meine Vorlagen in der linken Liste.

Da stehen die benutzerdefinierten Vorlagen in dem unter
Extras - Optionen – von LibreOffice verwendete Pfade festgelegten Verzeichnis.

Waehle die Vorlage, die gerade gespeichert wurde, öffne das Untermenü der Schaltfläche Befehle.

Waehle als Standardvorlage setzen. Das naechste neue Tabellendokument, das Du oeffnest, baut auf dieser neuen Standarddokumentvorlage auf.

Man kann, wenn gewuenscht, jederzeit den urspruenglichen Standard wiederherstellen.


Launcher problem ...

... will be fixed soon.

Try this please:
*Close LibreOfficePortable
*edit LibreOfficePortable\App\AppInfo\Launcher\LibreOfficePortable.ini
*change [FileWrite7] to #[FileWrite7]
*Start LibreOfficePortable and set the system local settings to English and close it
*Start it again an set system local settings again to German.
Format should be ok

Don't rename templates, thats no solution.

Please let me know if this works for You.

Paid for Software more or less?
What You need is OSS!

I tried (Italian language)

Your solution seems to work, as long as I do not open documents which had already been opened and saved by LOP. In those documents I still find the dates shown badly, apart from those cells I had manually fixed with the "Format Cells" command.

Luckily, those documents are very few in my case, because after discovering this little "malfunction" I had decided to continue using OOoP on documents where many cells have dates in them.

Thanks for your help.

Quite trivial PS. Cutting the first syllable of your signature ("You've") would make it sound quite better, at least from a... rhythmical point of view. :]

Your welcome

... and thx for the PS Eye-wink

Paid for Software more or less?
What You need is OSS!

It works

Hello MarkoMLM,
your solution works fine with the german version. Thank you.

Your workaround okay here:

Your workaround okay here: WinXP+SP3 German + LibreOffice German or English.