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speed , unit , menu

DLPA - February 1, 2011 - 12:48am
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I installed LOP on 4 gb usb flash.


Is there anythingelse I can do to make LOP run faster?

I have done these:

The JavaRE is UNchecked

Memory> Undo> Step is 20

Memory> Graphic Cache> Use for LOP is 128 mb
Memory> Graphic Cache> Memory per object 20 mb

Cache for inserted object> Number of Objects> 20


For LOP-Writer the Measurement Unit is Millimeter. But, Why the value can not be set to, say, exactly 5 mm ?


The unavilable menu is light green. Can it be changed to other colour, say, dark gray ? Or, is it only on my computer?

Thank you.

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Speed, units, menus

1. There is another thread in this forum on speed of LOP. Check if you can find any answers there (

2. As for measurement units, the portable version is not different from the base app (i. e. non-portable version), so any improvement suggestions should be directed to The Document Foundation (

3. I don't see anything different with unavailable menu items from other applications: they are greyed out on my computer.

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Menu = theme?

Unavailable menu items are grey here.

YMMV if you are using a Windows desktop theme that changes appearance and/or colors.

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