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I can't download the LibreOffice excutable

ccomp00 - February 1, 2011 - 4:10am
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The size of downloaded file is 278 ko and the executable is corrupted.
Where can I find an another executable (mirror) ?

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Try it again ...

... cause the link points to a mirror system.

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What You need is OSS!


278 ko
--> NSIS error

Clear Cache

You should clear your browser's cache (it'll keep it). If that fails, on the screen that has the ad and the download redirect, make a note of which download is failing (it'll say download provided by somebody) and click the select another mirror link.

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With another browser, on another computer

Same problem with another browser on another computer.
I use the download button of Where are the screen and the redirect link ?


When you reach the Sourceforge page (after clicking the download button on the PortableApps page). It usually says something like "If your download fails to start automatically then click 'here' to begin downloading or try another 'mirror'", something along those lines. Choose another mirror.


On Sourceforge, I found only LibreOffice, with installer.
I need Portable version...
Have you the link ?

Not SourceForge

LibreOffice Portable is downloaded through the Document Foundation's mirror network, not SourceForge's.

No typin th las lette ca sav yo plent o spac

I stand corrected.

I stand corrected.

Where ?

Where on the Document Foundation ?
I found only with installer...

Mirror list

You can find the mirror list here:
EDIT: You obviously shouldn't pick the first mirror on the list of "best mirrors" for your IP, as it is the one that is giving you trouble.

No typin th las lette ca sav yo plent o spac

Cool, It works !