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Is LOP realily portable?

luciferlibra - February 15, 2011 - 11:04am
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I mean i find it creat a folder named webkit in my private folder of user.could someone tell me what is it?its myfirst time to use LO,before i use OOo.

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and when you properly close it down?

is it still there? Or is it removed then?

Many apps do create this and that folder or file, but when properly closed, the launcher will go and clean this.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

webkit is a web browser

webkit is a web browser engine, used for Safari and Chrome. I really doubt that was created by LibreOffice at all.

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It would be helpful

if you provide the entire path to this webkit folder and perhaps the names of a few files within it, dates created, etc.

I know that webkit folders do "happen". But that's because (I think) I had installed Safari, Midori, and Chrome (non-portable) at one time or the other.

Couldn't Reproduce

I fired up LO Writer and opened and saved a file and no such webkit file was created. Is it possible something else created it? Or could you outline what you did in LO Portable that caused it to appear?

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it is ok now!

thanks for you all,the problem is solved,it no longer appear!it results from the rednotebook! now i use sunbird instead.