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VLC: Snapshot-path incorect

Submitted by KOS-tas on February 19, 2011 - 5:57am


when make snapshot then VLC save standard in this map C:\Documents and Settings\(user)\My Documents\My Pictures

be great to fix this and make the path to portable folder from VLC.


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You can change it to whatever you'd like in options and the path will be updated as you move PCs.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

it is possible add links below or any set u know better At RememberPath section
or another where u know better (I tested it works without any problem even first time start)

IfFileExists "$EXEDIR\SnapShopFolder" +2
CreateDirectory "$EXEDIR\SnapShopFolder"
WriteINIStr `$SETTINGSDIRECTORY\vlcrc` "main" "snapshot-path" "$EXEDIR\SnapShopFolder"

In order for VLC Portable to save a snapshot correctly, a VLC folder must be created first under the documents folder.

For instance, my portable is drive S so VLC Portable is looking for the following folder: S:\Documents\VLC

If VLC Portable does not find this folder, then it creates a VLC file without an extension. If you add a jpg extension to this file then it will be viewable as a jpeg. Once you create the VLC folder, then not only does the extension appear, a properly formatted date stamped file name is also created.

Maybe the next revision of VLC Portable will look and create this folder if it doesn't already exist.

Hope this helps.