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HTTrack Website Copier

ericdpangilinan - August 20, 2006 - 10:32pm
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I wonder if anyone has created a Portable HTTrack Website Copier?


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Ich need link (sic)

We need links, otherwise we don't know what you're talking about.
I suppose you mean ?
Also the Windows or the Linux/Unix version?
Also, look at the HTTrack forums. I found this and this.
In short, unzip the zip version of HTTrack to your USB.
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Download page with "no install" package. Try it out, see if it makes any changes to your system/registry.
Edit: Nevermind, Ryan edited before I finished posting...




HTTrack Leaves a small amount of entries within the registry. I created a portable version awhile ago and it is posted at

You can download it here.

It might not be the up to date version, I created it 6 months ago. But just extract the latest versions zip to the apps folder within the file structure and it will use that version to run.

Run portable winhttrack to start.
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Portable Software: Just the beginning.

Broken Link


The link seems to be broken.