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ClamWin Portable virus definition autoupdate widget

MKonar - September 8, 2006 - 1:03pm
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I swear the timing with geoapps's previous post is totally a coincidence!

I have started developing a little program to automagically update ClamWin Portable's virus definition files. It's not been extensively battle-hardened yet, so please post your comments/bugs reports/etc or send me email. But I have been using it for the last few days and haven't had any problems.

You can download it from


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Thanks for the work Mithat. (Sorry for not emailing you back previously) If there's interest, I can add an update option to the regular launcher. It would be off by default but you could enable it with a simple INI change.

Personally, I didn't find it necessary originally, since it's just a quick Help - Check for Updates within ClamWin itself.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Auto Update

The only issue with no auto-update is that if like me you keep portable clamwin on a usb stick in case you need to check another pc (other than yours) for viruses, that PC may not have internet access. In this case you want to be sure you have the latest virus definitions.

This auto-update widget is brilliant! Just set it up in PStart to run whenever PStart is run (which in my case is at least once a day).

ClamWinPortableDBUpdate new version

In case anyone is using it, I wanna let you know that I have made a couple smallish improvements to ClamWinPortableDBUpdate. You can get the details of the update and download the latest version from