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Kingsoft office suite 2012

dversa - October 8, 2011 - 9:33am
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Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 is an office suite that offers a number of features for creating, viewing and editing personal and business documents. Kingsoft Office 2012 includes Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation and Kingsoft spreadsheets. These three reliable and versatile programs are perfect for both personal use at home and for professional businesses. They offer outstanding value at their listed cost compared to competing office programs.

Kingsoft Office 2012 is compatible with all of the latest Microsoft Office file formats. It will easily open, read and write documents created with Microsoft Office as well as a wide variety of other formats. Microsoft Office can also open Kingsoft files without having Kingsoft Office installed on the same computer.

link to website and download:

download around 70mb.

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At first, the license may

At first, the license may forbid packaging (I did not check, just a guess).
Another obstacle: It seems not even to be freeware. It's trialware/adware that stops working after a certain time and changes into viewer mode.

Yes, it's English version is

Yes, it's English version is totally freeware without time limite. It's both free in personal or commercial use. It's a popular Office Suite since 1988 in China (Called WPS Office). Microsoft invade and occupied the market later, or it will be more popular than it is now.
But I don't think will be interested in this. They have another Office Suite already.

did you try it?

That can be correct that there is already an office package, in fact there are 2 but there are more than 1 browser, & mail client, archiver, ect...
This should not be the the endpoint.

Yes its completely free.

did you try it? its far more better than the oracle suite and the fork libre office.


I can try it

But first you need to find me the licensing terms.
EDIT: Second run requires a serial number. It's not free.

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Strict EULA

In fact it actually looks like it might be in violation of the EULA to display the EULA...

See here:

EDIT: You know what, this office looks pretty good. Runs decent (faster than OOo), looks like Office 2003, feels like Office 2010 with no ribbon toolbar. I would like to see if we could get this on PA.c.

EDIT2: I looked more into it, with regshots and all, and it doesn't look too hard, just a whole lot of changes to take care of.

1 More EDIT: If there is any possibiliy of getting Kingsoft's permission to package it, I think it'd be best for John to ask, based on what I've seen so far...

OK, last one, promise: Check out this article. Says it uses few resources...

1. The Kingsoft Office is not

1. The Kingsoft Office is not a multilingual program. Actually it has four different versions: The Simplified Chinese version called "WPS Office"; the English Version, the Traditional Chinese Version and the Japanese Version called "Kingsoft Office". They are different products (although they have the same core). But they can't be joined together like OOo.

2. I haven't read the licenses, but I believe these four versions have different licenses. The SimpChinese Version is only free for personal use, the TradChinese and Japanese version are not freeware, the English version is both free for personal or commercial use.

3. The English Kingsoft Office is freeware, it true. But it create a "license2.dat" in AllusersAppData when install. If you remove this file, it will ask you for serial number. This file can be moved between computers. But it doesn't exist in WPS Office (the SimChinese version). I don't know what does it mean.

4. Kingsoft Office is excellent and reliable. It has a very long history (longer than MS Office). I think it's not too hard to ask them to make a portable version, as they mightily want to popularize their software. And it's not too hard in technical. Actually I have already made one (in personal use). So I'm looking forward to see a Kingsoft Office Portable in P.A. website. I'm willing to help if needed.


I'm working on a online installer version. Do you mind uploading your launcher's source code?

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Yes. I can sent it to

Yes. I can sent it to you.
First let me combine all headfiles into one. It's too chaos.

any news or progress yet?

any news or progress yet?, i m willing to test if needed.

not sure 'bout that

it doesn't look like the EULA permits users to run Kingsoft Office on more than one computer unless it's through a local network (which was one of the reasons why I pastebin'd it). That's why I think portable-izing it was something John would personally have to ask.

I see

For reference, here are the relevant sections (emphasis added):

Kingsoft Office EULA
1. Kingsoft grants you a nonexclusive license to the “Product” in the country where you are located when you download the “Product”, you are entitled to:
1) Install, use, display and run (collectively referred as to “run”) a copy of the “Product” on one computer; the “Product” is a personal edition software, it shall be used only in personal computers, and shall not be used in the computers of legal persons or other organizations (including but not limited to government agencies, companies, enterprises, other organizations, etc.; regardless of the organization is an economic organization or not; regardless of the organization’s usage is for profitable purpose or not). If a personal computer has served legal persons or other organizations as long-term, it will be regarded as the computer of the "legal persons or other organizations", and it shall not be granted this authority. Any usage in excess of this authorization will be regarded as an illegal reproduction piracy behavior; Kingsoft reserves the right to request relevant persons to bear the corresponding legal responsibility, including but not limited to civil responsibility, administrative responsibility and criminal responsibility.
2. You shall abide by the following obligations:
1) Do not use, copy, revise and/or assign the “Product”, as a whole or part, beyond the scope authorized by the EULA.
2) Only run the “Product” on one computer.

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I am glad you all see the potential. If any need a tester i am available. W7 and W8 (why not).


Can someone else check if that website is really from Kingsoft? I've performed some searches and WHOIS lookups and was unable to find any relations with the others Kingsoft sites.

Previously known as kAlug.

I think so

If you use the Chinese version of the website from the Office in the OP, it says it's WPS Office (which Wikipedia says is for "Word Processing System") which is the same site as the one linking from Kingsoft's main site. However, the English site says their from Beijing, whereas the main Kingsoft site doesn't mention it. But the chinese WPS Office webpage does mention Beijing. (using Google Translate)

But I do admit, there are some significant discrepancies, but I just think it's negligence on their part.

EDIT: More info
The wiki page on Kingsoft:
The list of freeware office suites:

Kingsoft is from Beijin. See

Kingsoft is from Beijin. See the footer of their website
There're several register certificate list at the footer, like 京(Beijin)ICP证100054号. Register certification is distributed by the company located city, it's the law in China.

KSO is called WPS in China. They may not attach enough importance to international market so make some negligence.


Can this software be taken in consideration to make it portable please?


I'm sure kAlug has finished

I'm sure kAlug has finished it.
But they hasn't got the permission to release it out yet.

good new.

thanks for the information, i can't wait to test it.

I'm also eagerly awaiting this

I actually had to install the regular version today, but I would really like to replace it with a portable version when possible.

Please Stop

There's no need to mention in this thread that you want it or that you're eager to see it, anymore. The publisher has been contacted, so it's entirely in their hands. Anything else posted in this thread is just noise that keeps bringing this up in Recent Threads. If you want to see it faster, contact the publisher and ask for it. In the meantime, you can use LibreOffice Portable which is done with the full support and cooperation of the publisher.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

a totally free office software

Great!!! I have installed that, it's really a freeware. it is similar to Microsoft Office and can edit all MS office files.

I download that at this website:

Any news?

Any news about portable Kingsoft Оffice Suite 2013 Free?


To my knowledge, the publisher has never responded. LibreOffice is still the choice for free office suites, has the best feature set, and has a publisher actively and enthusiastically working with us.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

I found 2012 already packed

I found 2012 already packed [link to illegal site removed by mod JTH]
2013 paf would be even better

That site appears to be illegal... has a close copy of the PA logo and an almost identical URL. In the Lists page at [link to illegal site removed by mod JTH] it cites this website.



WPS Office (or Kingsoft

WPS Office (or Kingsoft Office) Portable


Empty project

There are no files in the project you link to, I assume they were removed due to being against Sourceforge's terms of service since Kingsoft Office is not open source.

It's not a bug, its a feature.

wps office(kingsoft office) free 2014 portable

[link removed by mod JTH]


As with Torch Browser, you can not repackage WPS Office without the express consent of the publisher.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!