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Portable EDITOR WEB APTANA 3.X studio

drakgoku1 - October 28, 2011 - 6:19pm

Tomorrow I need to Aptana Studio 3.0.6 portable. you could create a portable within 24 hours?
It is very urgent

If you can not be Aptana, which is bluefish

I hope to answer through


Aptana seems to be an Eclipse plugin. You can use this development test and add it as a plugin.

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Aptana's a bit tricky. The

Aptana's a bit tricky. The app stores its settings in strange places, and it'll take me a couple days to track down all of them. I just recently discovered that the Eclipse plugin does the same thing. If you only need Aptana for one computer quickly, then use the plugin, since a portable standalone version will most likely not appear in 24 hours.

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You can do in 24-48h?

I very much like the plugin, but you could create portable Aptana 3.0.x for me?
I need it is today. you can do in 24 - 48 h?

I hope your answer

portable standalone aptana 3.1.1 IDE for windows

I created portable apps for aptana studio3. Here is the direct link to download

[Link removed due to trademark issues as noted below - mod Chris]

Just extract in some where and run AptanaStudio3.exe

Everything is working fine. I tested myself in windows 7.

I don't know how to upload my portable apps in portableapps.com Smiling


Not to be harsh for your

Not to be harsh for your work, but you are not allowed to redistribute Aptana Studio without permission from Appcelerator due to the fact that Aptana is a registered trademark of Appcelerator, Inc.

Siggys waste bandwidth... that's why I have one.