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QuickPHP Portable 1.14.0 Development Test 3

bungeshea (Homepage) - December 18, 2011 - 8:44pm
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Application: QuickPHP
Category: Development
Description: QuickPHP is a lightweight fully functional standalone PHP web server.

  • A PHP development web server
  • The PHP version of Microsoft Visual Studio's ASP.NET Development Server
  • Extremely lightweight in both disk space (file size) and memory footprint
  • An empty WinForms .NET application uses more memory than this web server!
  • Ideal for quickly testing your PHP scripts locally
  • Without the hassle of converting your machine into a web server
  • Serves HTML and PHP files
  • Can be tested with any browsers
  • Handles GET, POST and HEAD requests
  • Supports PHP Sessions and Cookies
  • Does not rely on PHP to be installed
  • Supports PHP extensions and PHP.ini (most scripts require them)
  • Extensions such as MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, Firebird, Zip, Sockets etc.
  • Supports command line arguments
  • Supports request mods (а la Apache modules such as mod_rewrite, mod_headers etc.) using PHP scripts
  • Tested with PHPBB3 - from installation to a fully running forum
  • Purely Win32 application - does NOT require .NET framework
  • Users have run it in kiosks, Windows Embedded platforms, carry around in USB sticks for presentation etc.
  • Especially useful in user accounts with restrictive access!

Online Installer: This is an online installer that downloads part of the application during installation.

Download QuickPHP Portable 1.14.0 Development Test 3 [875.2 KB download / 268 KB installed]
(MD5: 2ee44e131262898b622be6d186911a4e)

Release Notes:

1.14.0 Development Test 3 (2012-04-27): Updated to Format 3.0

1.14.0 Development Test 2 (2011-12-19): Updated AppInfo.ini

1.14.0 Development Test 1 (2011-12-19): Initial release

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QuickPHP Portable 1.14.0 Development Test 1 Released

QuickPHP Portable 1.14.0 Development Test 1 Released

Don't Panic

One issue straight off

One issue straight off without having run it yet...

In AppInfo.ini you've got this marked as open source (which it isn't), not freeware (which it is), and commercial use (which it isn't).

It's not a bug, its a feature.

I'll download it now and

I'll download it now and provide feedback tomorrow! Smiling

Siggys waste bandwidth... that's why I have one.

QuickPHP Portable 1.14.0 Development Test 2

QuickPHP Portable 1.14.0 Development Test 2 released

Don't Panic

Save Custom Settings

QuickPHP Portable 1.14.0 Development Test 2 does not save custom settings when closed. Add file \PortableApps\QuickPHPPortable\QuickPHP.ini and then just type 'localhost' in your browser after the server starts.


QuickPHP Portable saves it's

QuickPHP Portable saves it's settings in QuickPHPPortable\Data\settings.

Don't Panic