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Trendmicro currently flags eject.exe (located inside App\Bin in PortableApps Platform 10.0.1) as spyware

antonbrk - January 1, 2012 - 10:07pm
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Trendmicro is identifying "eject.exe" in Portableapps Platform (10.0.1) as carrying spyware. None of the 41 other antivirus programs checked by did so, just TrendMicro.

2012, Jan 1st, 8:53pm

TrendMicro 9.500.0.1008 2012.01.01 ADW_KRADARE
TrendMicro-HouseCall 9.500.0.1008 2012.01.02 ADW_KRADARE

I searched here under "eject" but did not see any previous posting regarding TrendMicro or ADW KRADARE.

Report It

Looks like yet another false positive from Trend Micro. They've been having major issues lately. Please report it to them so they can fix their definitions again.

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ADW_KRADARE Found in eject.exe

Trend Micro found this after I installed 22 Apr 2012.

Is this a false positive?

Is this safe to restore?

check this post out

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