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KeepNote Portable 0.7.8 Development Test 1

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Gord Caswell
(Homepage) - January 9, 2012 - 1:21am
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Application: KeepNote
Category: Office
Description: KeepNote is a note taking application that works on Windows, Linux, and MacOS X. With KeepNote, you can store your class notes, TODO lists, research notes, journal entries, paper outlines, etc in a simple notebook hierarchy with rich-text formatting, images, and more. Using full-text search, you can retrieve any note for later reference.

KeepNote is designed to be cross-platform (implemented in Python and PyGTK) and stores your notes in simple and easy to manipulate file formats (HTML and XML). Archiving and transferring your notes is as easy as zipping or copying a folder.

Download KeepNote Portable 0.7.8 Development Test 1 [8.5MB download / 28.2MB installed]
(MD5: 1f1c179298363e455c00cebaa55f6f22)

Release Notes:
0.7.7 Development Test 1 (2012-01-09):

  • Initial Release

0.7.7 Development Test 2 (2012-01-09):

  • Regenerated launcher with PAL 3.0 Dev

0.7.7 Development Test 3 (2012-01-09):

  • Fixed error with starting

0.7.7 Development Test 4 (2012-01-11):

  • Proper deletion of Data directory added

0.7.7 Development Test 5 (2012-01-12):

  • Updated help.html
  • Downgraded to PAL 2.1.2

0.7.7 Development Test 6 (2012-01-16):

  • Updated against app template 2.2

0.7.7 Development Test 7 (2012-01-18):

  • Fixed ReplaceAll Error message

0.7.8 Development Test 1 (2012-08-20):

  • Updated base to 0.7.8
  • Updated to current PAL, PAI & App Template

( categories: )

DefaultData missing

Apparently I'm missing some DefaultData files. I'll fix that later on today. For now, sleep.

Updated to 0.7.7 Dv Test 3

See release notes for details. For all 10 of you that downloaded this previously, please delete your Data directory prior to running the new dev test.

Updated to 0.7.7 Dev Test 4

See release notes for details

HTML Coding / Template

Would it be possible to include HTML Coding similar to KomPoser?

Also use of templates?

Supported by KeepNote?

If those features are already supported by KeepNote, they should work just fine with KeepNote Portable. If they are supported but don't work, please give more details.

If you're asking for a new feature, please ask the developer of the base app:

Thank you

Thanks Gord - Don't know if they are native features, if they are I have not found them yet.

I'll make the suggestion of the developer.

Updated to 0.7.7 Dev Test 5

See release notes for details

Update to 0.7.7 Dev Test 6

see release notes for details.

Error on start

Extracted to new folder.

Error: invalid value 'ReplaceAll' for [FileWrite1]:Type. Please refer to the Manual for valid values.

Click ok, and application does launch. Able to open previously create data.


I could've sworn I fixed that in dev test 5... Regardless, I'll put up a fix, probably later today.

Update to 0.7.7 Dev Test 7

See release notes for details.

Updated to 0.7.8 DT1

See release notes for details.