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Format Factory (Video Converter)

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Format Factory (Video Converter)

First I want to thank y for this software it helped a lot of people including me.

I have a suggestion of a software, it's a video converter called Format factory.
It's a freeware, and it's really a good one. Check it's website for more information:

Sorry for my english & I hop for more in the future.

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Format Factory has had a

Format Factory has had a portable version here in the past, but it was dropped for a number of reasons. If you care what those reasons are, search and read a couple of the posts.

You could try XMedia Recode Portable instead.

It's not a bug, its a feature.

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Today I made version 3.00

Today I made version 3.00 portable for myself, size is 51.1MB. Perfectly working on PAP (PortableApps Platform)

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How did you make it?

How did you make it?
Can you please provide instructions or make a 3.6 portable for me?

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