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DazzlerStix - January 18, 2012 - 3:49am
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Iam a newbie here, so forgive me if this has been asked before.
MalwareBytes would be handy as a portable app, but the company behind this great software dont provide one. Is there anyway it can be potablised (copyright etc permitting) ?

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How ya doin'? Good to see a new member! Laughing out loud

Don't know if you've seen it, but there's a search bar in the upper right hand side of the site. If you searched "MalwareBytes" you'll get a lot of results discussing why we can't do it.

Always here to welcome a question... but searching first helps lessen the clutter of repeat questions.

Oh, and welcome to!

Kewl ! Thanx for that. Will

Kewl ! Thanx for that. Will do as you suggested !