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avast antivirus

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Mickeyj4j - January 21, 2012 - 12:50am
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I see many old posts asking why there is no avast antivirus. I know u3 has avast. i also know that avast is not open source so did not originally fit the criteria for a portable apps. but i do believe that you have open things up for other free software to be used. So if avast is now doable i do wonder why it has not been done. if it has great can you point to it as i could not find cheers.

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not so simple

the u3 (long dead system) used to have avast, which was payware and they tried to attach it to the particular stick it was licensed on.

Otherwise, avast has to give permission to repackage it, it is not just that one can pick their free version and can do what ever with it. Or they could package it themselves if interested.
But I doubt, since there is no potential market arising from it.

In windows, if you have the basic free version, you are potential customer for paid version. Having free version on stick, which can not become anything more then it is already, makes no potential business.
Therefore I doubt that the avast people will ever like the idea to maintain a free product with no revenue, even not a theoretical expected.

There is clamwin as antivirus here, works, does what it supposed to do, avast can not do any more in that.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

Portable Avast indeed would

Portable Avast indeed would be a nice app to have.

try to ask

avast if they agree that someone would create portable version of their software.

If answer positive, someone will certainly look into it.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland