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Midori Portable Development Test 1

endlesssummer42d - March 14, 2012 - 1:07am
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Application: Midori
Category: Internet
Description: Midori is a lightweight web browser. It has full integration with GTK+2 with fast rendering using WebKit. Features include private browsing, bookmark management, user scripts and a customisable and extensible interface.

Download Midori Portable Development Test 1 [14MB download / 56MB installed]
(MD5: 9cde680afb8dea8c0b1994ed602f803d)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2012-03-14): Initial release

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Have you taken over for Pyromaniac's Developmental Release? If so you might want to link to it?

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My sincere apologies to the

My sincere apologies to the original developer. I had initially searched on the Test Releases web page for a previous development build to no avail - I hadn't realised an attempt at the portable app had already be made.

I can cease development of the app if the original developer so wishes.

Apologies Smiling


This is why Pyro needs to add his apps to the test page. =P

It took hours to get my (homepage) done

And I'm satisfied with my setup.

That development test page is severely outdated and underkept, which is why I decided to break away from that dead routine in the first place.

If we could make that page automated (probably start it from scratch, too), with a form you fill out, and make it easy for everyone (not just devs) to add stuff, I think it would be a lot better.

@endlesssummer42d: I've updated my older topic to link to your newer one.


I've been thinking that for awhile now. It'd be so much more efficient if it automatically updated for new/updated dev tests.