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Portable Firefox 12.0

SpaceCadet - May 2, 2012 - 7:48pm
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I currently have Portable Firefox 11.0 on my machine. I downloaded version 12.0 last night but when I tried to install it just as I did since version 3.6, it gave me the error that the path is not valid. This is the same directory that I have been using since version 3.6 (c:\program files\applications\internet applications\portable mozilla firefox). I tried to copy the file into the directory and tried to install it from there, but I still got the same error. Does anyone have the same error or know how I can fix this problem? I don't want to install fresh and lose all of my setting. Thank you!


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The new

The new Installer 3.0 prevents installations into the Program Files folder. The rundown is that installations in that folder cause problems difficult for the average user to manage, and many users still select that path expecting everything to work perfectly.

The solution is to move your Applications folder out of the Programs Files and into the root C: drive. C:\Program Files is meant for local applications.

A full explanation for the issue has been given if you would like to read it.

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