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PortableApps on Google Drive

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horusofoz (Homepage) - May 6, 2012 - 9:43am
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Just curious, has anyone tried using PortableApps via Google Drive to sync apps/data across multiple PCs?

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It's been working for me.

I copied one of my PortableApps USB's to my Google Drive.
I have it syncing to 2 desktops and 2 laptops.
3 have Win7 and one has Vista.
All 3 have Google Drive for PC installed to sync to D:/GoogleDrive.
PortableApps runs fine this way so far.
I've tried to make sure all syncs are complete on all before running on any.
-Not sure how it would like it if it saw changes on 2 systems at the same time.


>I've tried to make sure all syncs are complete on all before running on any.<

which is essential before you try anything like that, as nothing will 'run from remote', all has to be synched to local before it can work, otherwise you will get all sorts of errors and crashes etc.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

sync complete?

I also make sure all the syncs are complete on all 4 pc's before i run PortableApps using GoogleDrive.

I don't want one PC to try to change a cloud file before all other changes have filtered thru frum a previous run on another PC.

For example:
PC 1 - run portableapps - triggering updates to googledrive
PC 2 - Sync from pc1 is complete, run portableapps on pc2
PC 3 - sync from pc1 changes still only partial, now pc2 changes
PC 4 - sync from pc1 and pc2 were complete.
(but pc3 is still working on pc1 sync)

Now it may be possible for an outdated pc1 sync to get pushed to the other PC's overwriting the more recent pc2 changes.

At least that is what i'm hoping to prevent.

Hows it going?

Just wanted to check in on how this has been running for you?

Have you encountered any sync conflicts?
How erroneous is waiting for syncs to complete?

I'm imagining waiting for LibreOffice to sync following an upgrade would be pretty laborious. Advocate

The Google Drive PC app still

The Google Drive PC app still needs work (ocasionally it seems to get stuck) i sometimes need to kill and restart it. It then compares what it has vs. what cloud has continues syncing.

So far PortableApps has not complained.


Have you considered developing some sort of functionality for PortableApps to make cloud syncing easier?

Very open question I know but I noticed the addition of a cloud symbol into the new splashes and was wondering if anything was in the works to enhance cloud syncing of apps over major service providers like GDrive, DropBox and SkyDrive. Advocate

Cloud + Portable = ???

You can't really have portable apps running in the cloud. They're not portable in that case. They're local to your C drive or wherever you've told the Google Drive (or Box or SugarSync or Dropbox) to base itself out of.

It seems to me that there should be a PortableApps edition of Dropbox, or one of the newer ones with more storage, like SugarSync or Box, where, when installed, the platform or launchers can sync the \data folder to the cloud. Not the \app folder and not the \help folder, they aren't required. Upon completing an upload/sync, a dummy file would be added with the date/time. When the app is launched, the sync server could be checked, and if the cloud copy is newer, it updates the \data folder.

The problem with all of this is, a lot of jobs/schools block those sync sites. So the best way to sync the data across multiple PCs you don't own is a portable hard drive (or flash drive if you don't need fast disk access, e.g. Firefox, VLC, Open/LibreOffice, and others), since USB blocking is far less common than Dropbox (et al) blocking. If it's all PCs you own, you can just put the PortableApps platform/apps in the synced folder.