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Portable OpenVPN 2.2.2

page2pagepro - June 4, 2012 - 1:25pm
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Go to link download and install: OpenVPNPortable_1.6.6.paf.exe

This includes OpenVPN 2.1.1 and works great.

Go to link and download: openvpn-2.2.2-install.exe

Using 7Zip, extracted the 2.2.2 installer to a folder (some files for x86/x64 will overwrite - this is ok, we aren't using these.)

Copy the following files from unzipped folder:

12/15/2011  12:29 PM         1,098,240 libeay32.dll
12/15/2011  12:29 PM            63,488 libpkcs11-helper-1.dll
12/11/2009  06:48 PM            97,280 libssl32.dll
12/15/2011  12:29 PM            90,112 lzo2.dll
12/15/2011  12:29 PM           372,224 openssl.exe
12/15/2011  12:29 PM           510,464 openvpn.exe
12/15/2011  12:29 PM            14,848 openvpnserv.exe
12/15/2011  12:29 PM           237,568 ssleay32.dll
               8 File(s)      2,484,224 bytes



(assuming portable drive is "P:" - overwrite 6 of the 8 files)

Now when running "OpenVPNPortable.exe", you will see 2.2.2 in lieu of 2.1.1

Tested on Win7 Ultimate & WinXP Pro

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Ok, used the link provided to get OpenVPNPortable_1.6.6.paf.exe, then used the link provided to get openvpn-2.2.2-install.exe and extracted that. Replaced the files suggested noticing that libssl32.dll is not included in openvpn-2.2.2-install.exe, so I had to use the original. I got the following error message:

You need at least one *.ovpn file on C:\Portable\PortableApps\OpenVPNPortable\data\config\ for a working VPN. Please check your configuration

So I deleted OpenVPNPortable from my PortableApps directory and reinstalled OpenVPNPortable_1.6.6.paf.exe. Wouldn't you know it, I got the same error.

I was going to do this then run's Installer to get a current PA Install, to copy to my Dropbox, to share with anyone that wanted it. What am I doing wrong? Anyone know??? If I can get this working, I will be posting a link to the update version here.

Bill G.
Frozen St. Paul, MN
land of the frozen mosquito

probably nothing

you need some config file for your connection to your destination server, otherwise things like open vpn do not work.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland


So, if I packaged it using PA's Installer, it should work for someone else?

Bill G.
Frozen St. Paul, MN
land of the frozen mosquito


what you need is config file for it to work.

For that you will need to consult the manual of open vpn and how to create an config file for a particular connection.
Then it should work.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland


Ok, thank you...

Bill G.
Frozen St. Paul, MN
land of the frozen mosquito


thanks for this guide, this is a must have thing - portable openvpn.
I've tested it in win xp and win 7 64bit, works flawlessly.

Still errors.

Do you have a release plan for a version 2.xx?


some notes:

On my system I need to use the drivers delivered by the portable app because there are no tap drivers installed. If i use the original ones included in the portable app, i get an error claiming that the drivers are too old. (9.6 < 9.9)

So I took the ones from the 2.2.2 installer. on a 32bit Win7 that seems to work fine, will check 64bit later.

By the way, there is no libssl32.dll in the 2.2.2 installer. I removed it from the portable apps drawer and it still works. Perhaps it's linked statically now?

why you want to create

why you want to create something that already exists?

C:\Windows\system32>ls --version
ls (GNU fileutils) 3.16

C:\Windows\system32>ls D:\portableapps\PortableApps\OpenVPNPortable\
ls: D:\portableapps\PortableApps\OpenVPNPortable\: No such file or directory

C:\Windows\system32>ls D:\portableapps\PortableApps\OpenVPNPortable
OpenVPNPortable.exe app other
OpenVPNPortable.ini current.txt data

C:\Windows\system32>ls D:\portableapps\PortableApps\OpenVPNPortable\app
AppInfo bin driver

C:\Windows\system32>ls D:\portableapps\PortableApps\OpenVPNPortable\app\bin
TinyOpenVPNGui.exe msvcr90.dll openvpnserv.exe
libeay32.dll openssl.exe ssleay32.dll
libpkcs11-helper-1.dll openvpn-gui.exe tapinstallWin32.exe
lzo2.dll openvpn.exe tapinstallWin64.exe

OpenVPN 2.2.2 Win32-MSVC++ [SSL] [LZO2] [PKCS11] built on Dec 15 2011
Originally developed by James Yonan
Copyright (C) 2002-2010 OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.


andykimpe zpanel teams

libssl32.dll not found

I have unzipped openvpn-2.2.2-install.exe as instructed. The bin folder does not contain libssl32.dll. Is this an issue?