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I need Media Player Classic Portable

ayman moawed - October 11, 2006 - 4:13pm
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Pleae if any one could help me to find
this programs :

Media Player Classic Portable

thanks in advance


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I think its already portable???

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theres an option to "write settings to ini" but as far as I can tell it still writes settings (anyway) to the Current user and local machine branch and it also writes to %appdata%

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What's wrong with VLC?

What's wrong with VLC?

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VLC crashes on me a lot,

VLC crashes on me a lot, that's why so many people don't like it i think

I shall try VLC

I shall try VLC

To make Media Player Classic "portable"

To make Media Player Classic (MPC) portable, run MPC, click View -> Options..., and then on the right hand side 2/3rds down the dialog you will see checkbox for "Store settings to .ini file" tick that and away you go. MPC will create an ini file in the same folder as where it is run from, called mplayerc.ini and will save and load it's settings from there.

However, as somebody else here said, MPC will still create a "Media Player Classic" folder in %appdata%, and may still update the registry. It's the nearest thing to portable straight-out-of-the-box though...


I know this maybe late, but

I know this maybe late, but I'm running Media Player Classic on my thumb drive with no changes, or mods.
I'm using version . I got this from

Codecs can be found at .

I hope this helps a little.

It's already portable, but you can make it even more portable

I'd have to probably get permission from the author before I mirror the modified file anywhere, so I'll just give you the instructions to do it manually...

1. Download UPX from and extract UPX.exe into C:\Windows\ (this is the tool uses to compress their EXEs)
2. Download media player classic and extract mplayerc.exe to anywhere
3. Open a command prompt window and change directories to where you placed mplayerc.exe
4. run the following command, without quotes "upx --brute --compress-icons=0 mplayerc.exe" (this will take several minutes, but you will find mplayerc shrinks from 4.05MB to 1.79MB without any problems)
5. If you are not using the PortableApps suite menu, place the compressed EXE anywhere on your portable drive. If you are using the suite menu, make sure the menu isn't running, go to the PortableApps folder on the portable drive, create a new folder (any name will work, but I suggest just mplayerc), and place mplayerc.exe in that folder. Next time you start the menu, you will see it.

NOTES: All settings will be saved to mplayerc.ini in the same folder the exe is in, except for file associations- those are saved to the registry. Do not set any file associations, or that will modify the registry and set mplayerc as the default player for that type of file, and when you unplug your drive, you will be unable to open media files by double-clicking. If you do this, it is undoable, but it's a good idea just to leave the file associations alone.

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When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that STINGS!

uh, you missed one thing...

Media Player Classic will still leave a folder in %appdata%, even if it's using the INI file. This has already been mentioned in this thread.