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Unable to change Language Settings in Google Chrome Browser

lloowen - August 20, 2012 - 7:47am
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I would like to install Google Chrome in English. The problem is that I'm based in Sweden, so it installs in Swedish language. It does not look like it is possible to change the language settings after install. Does anyone know how I can install the browser in English? When I mean English I mean the gui, the Menus and settings are all in Swedish not just the spell checker.

Do I have to download it from another country via a proxy or something so it inherits the language from where the download took place?

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Assuming you are using the

Assuming you are using the PortableApps Platform, and you have the platform's language set to Swedish, go to Options and uncheck the box in the language section. That setting forces all PortableApps run from the platform to start in the same language as the platform.

If you are not using the platform at all you may have found a bug.

It's not a bug, its a feature.