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[Closed] Need chrome to save bookmarks/history...

pausername - August 22, 2012 - 10:14pm
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I was expecting chrome portable to behave more like firefox portable. I need the ability to save bookmarks, passwords, history, ect... Is this possible?


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It Does

It saves things like bookmarks and history by default. Passwords need to be enabled as they are off by default. Grab the GoogleChromePortable.ini from the Other\Source directory and copy it to the GoogleChromePortable directory. Change the line in there to be PortablePasswords=true. It will then prompt you for a master password on every launch and encrypt your passwords for you.

It's setup this way as Google Chrome normally ties passwords to a specific Windows user account and uses that to encrypt them. We setup a way to have our launcher handle it so they are portable for you. Keep in mind that Chrome has other shortcomings as for proxy support and certificate management it just uses IE. Google Chrome isn't quite a full web browser the way Firefox and Opera are.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Hmm maybe I have a old

Hmm maybe I have a old version? Got one from cnet, GoogleChromePortable_21xxxsomething. It is currently NOT saving ANY of my settings (font size, bookmarks, ect...). Will try and get another version from your site...

*ok this is very strange. I downloaded the latest version from, and sure enough when chrome is installed to the root of my flash drive it works great (saves my settings). However, when I put it inside a hidden undeletable folder (that I created using the old cacls/e /c /d %username% trick), its like chrome cant save my settings. Which makes no sense, because I installed chrome 2 levels deep, it has complete read/write access to its own directories... hmm..

*just where are my bookmarks being saved anyway?

Chrome Is Sensitive

Unlike other portable apps like Firefox Portable, Chrome is sensitive to a lot of things. It doesn't like running from UNC paths, for instance. It used to fail even if you mapped a drive letter to it (not sure about now). So, if you're messing with the access control lists, I'd wager that's messing up Chrome, too.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Yeah thanks i decided to go

Yeah thanks i decided to go firefox instead. Seems to be working fine. I miss chrome Sad oh well.

Thanks for the help guys guess this one is solved

works fine

"It used to fail even if you mapped a drive letter to it
(not sure about now)." - it works fine, trusted on xp, 7.

about access control lists cannot say anything.